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Inserting special characters in each Windows program

  • by Mark Ziebarth
  • 1 year ago
  • How To

Inserting special characters such as a heart or smiley, for example, can be used in virtually any text editing Windows program. The Special Signs tool offers the helping hand.

Sometimes you simply want to insert a smiley or other symbol in a text (think of the pi mark, for example). Windows has a practical piece of equipment on board for that very purpose. Open the Start menu, type special characters and press Enter. You will now see a window in which you can select a font at the top. It’s most practical if you choose the font type, whatever you use in the running text of, for example, a document in your word processor. This ensures a consistent overall appearance. But if a character you are looking for does not appear in that font, there is nothing to prevent you from choosing something else. For example, check the font Webdings, which contains an extensive collection of usable icon-like characters.


To insert a character click on a desired copy. Then click on Select and then click on Copy. Paste the character in the desired program by means of Control-V, for example. Many fonts (but not all, issue of trying) are supported in the Notepad block. In this way you can use bullet points to create striking lists. For example, a shopping list where you mark important items with a special character. It is also possible to copy more than one special character at a time. Simply select the next character and click Select. Only after you have finished all the characters you click on Copy, after which the whole series can be pasted at once.


When using special characters, please note that not every recipient of your document or email message may have the font from which you picked a character. This other person may not see the intended sign on his or her system. Or something completely different. So use’ crazy’ characters with policy. There’s nothing wrong with your own system, if you’re going to share things, it’s a different story. In any case, almost every program that can process text can also use the Special characters tool to a greater or lesser extent. Many word processors have their own tool for this trick, but this software can be used universally throughout Windows. Always handy to have behind your hand so.

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