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How do you tilt the desktop in Windows 10?

  • by Smith Katie
  • 1 year ago
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You probably don’t have to explain that you can adjust your resolution in Windows and work with two (or more) screens. But what if you want to set up such a screen differently than usual? In Windows 10 (and previous versions) you can rotate your screen using the settings or a shortcut key.

By default we always set up our screens in landscape mode, i. e. the bottom and top are longer than the left and right sides. That’s how television works, so so do screens. But that doesn’t have to be the case. If you find it more convenient to hang up your screen in portrait mode, for example because you have to constantly watch your aunt’s vertical videos on your screen, you can do just that. Windows 10 has a built-in option for tilting your screen.

Tilt the monitor screen

To tilt the screen, at least its contents, click Start and then click Settings. In the window that appears, click System and then click on Display. You can now see here the various screens that you have connected with figures above. You can now determine the orientation separately for each screen by clicking on the digit of the screen concerned. If you only have one screen, like us (since we all work with one screen and VR glasses) then the right screen is automatically selected. Now search for the Screen mode option and change Landscape in Portrait (whether or not mirrored). Don’t worry, the option isn’t activated yet, this only happens when you click Apply.

Shortcut keys

Just as with practically all settings in Windows, there are shortcut keys for screen orientation. However, this is a bit complicated because the combinations do not come from Microsoft, but from the video card manufacturers. This is why the shortcut key differs per setup if you can already use a shortcut key. Ctrl+Alt+Alt+ arrow keys are used for Intel cards, but Nvidia and AMD are becoming more difficult. With some video cards, you cannot rotate the screen at all. So the question of trying.


Please note: if you would like to try it out for the joke, please bear in mind that the action of your mouse will of course change, which makes it suddenly left and so on and that makes navigation almost impossible. But don’t worry, if you don’t click on it, the orientation changes after a few seconds. Incidentally, it also works fine as a joke to get rid of with colleagues.

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