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Are you an enthusiastic computer or gamer or do you have applications that run 24/7? Then you want to know if your computer is still healthy. CAM is a free tool that informs you at any time about the (health) status of your system (components). You can do your PC monitors in no time at all.


The hardware manufacturer NZXT will mainly be known to the gamer or demanding computer user. This manufacturer is also the creator of the software CAM, which you will find here. When you start the tool the first time, you will be asked to create an account. You do not necessarily have to go into this, but it does offer advantages. CAM then keeps track of all kinds of status values of your system over a certain period of time and you can also view the data via a mobile app.


Once the app is started, you’ll get to your dashboard, where you’ll see information about your computer right away. You read the current temperature and load of the cpu and gpu, as well as the speed of the fans. You can also see how much ram and disk space is still available. More information can be found on the Advanced tabs (for cpu, gpu, motherboard, ram, hdd and network adapter) and on the Expanded tab (with the temperature of the cpu cores and various system specifications, among others). Advanced users who want to get the most out of their graphics processor can use the Tuning tab. After you have set the switch to ON here, you can overclock the gpu. However, you cannot adjust the voltages and the number of MHz with which you can increase the core clock and memory is limited. To really ask for the utmost out of your processor, it is better to use a different program.


The gear wheel icon allows you to set (pop-up) notifications, for example if the cpu or gpu temperature or load has reached a limit. There are also mobile apps from CAM, which you can only use if you have created an account. After registering, this route will give you insight into historical and current system data and into any reports.

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