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Still, but a virus scanner on your Mac

  • by JaniDushman
  • 1 year ago
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No matter how much Mac users like to believe the opposite: a computer running on macOS is no longer immune to viruses. So just install a virus scanner on your Mac!

Until recently, Apple Virus scanners and computers were an incredible combination. As the Mac becomes more and more popular, Apple computers are becoming an interesting target for hackers and other digital hackers. And although the structure of macOS itself is very safe and rather shielded, unfortunately this no longer appears to be sufficient. Malware for the Mac has been commonplace for a while. The number of viruses is still enumerable, but at the same time growing. There’s also another reason to install a virus scanner on your Mac. If you have multiple PCs on your network at home and you store your documents centrally on a NAS, for example, then checking for viruses is no luxury. Many Mac scanners also check Windows viruses. Of course, they can do no harm in macOS, but if you open a downloaded file via the NAS on a Windows system. An extra check can certainly not do any harm.

Hardly any impact

Virtually all manufacturers of virus scanners now have a Mac version ready for you. The principle is the same as under Windows: sign up, install subscription and you don’t have to worry about it any more. The best scanners have little to no impact on system speed. For example, the CPU load of Kaspersky, for example, remains well below 1%. So you don’t have to worry about your Mac getting slower. Furthermore, some scanners also offer extras such as access control for children, checking web links before opening them and more. As far as we are concerned, the average Mac user can no longer do without such a scanner. Certainly not when Mac and Windows computers are used interchangeably on a home network.

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