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So you can delete a WhatsApp message, for example

Ever sent a message in WhatsApp and immediately after that thought: Oep, I shouldn’t have done that? Recently you can save yourself long excuses. In the latest version of the app, you can delete a WhatsApp message up to seven minutes after sending it. That’s how it works.

Delete WhatsApp messages

First, make sure you have installed the latest version of WhatsApp. It’s handy to know: the person to whom you send the message must also have the latest version, otherwise it won’t work. Send that person a bulky message, a wrong photo, a embarrassing spelling error or an app that you actually intended for someone else.

Hold your finger on the message and wait until a menu appears at the top. Then press the trash bin. Previously there were two options: Removing for myself and Canceling. With the latest version of WhatsApp and a message less than seven minutes old, there is now also a third option: Delete for everyone. Click on it and both you and the recipient will only see a message with’ You have deleted this message’ or’ This message has been deleted’.

Photos and videos can also be deleted in the same way. They do not end up under the Media heading of the person to whom you initially sent the photo.

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