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How to send an Animoji via Facebook?

  • by JaniDushman
  • 1 year ago
  • How To

One of the things we were most happy about with the arrival of the iPhone X were the Animoji’s. Hilarious after all! Problem is alone, you can only send them via iMessage right? Fortunately not, but it does require a cumbersome trick.

The first disappointment we had in the field of the Animoji is that it is a fairly one-way street. After all, unless you have all kinds of people in your area with an iPhone X, there is no one who can answer the message with an Animo. With this one-sided underpants, the joke is of course quick.

Fortunately, it is also possible to send your Animoji’s via channels other than iMessage, although it is a bit cumbersome. You also need a contact person who is willing to lend itself for this. The trick is as follows: If you want to send an Animoji to someone on Facebook Messenger, for example, you must first send this Animoji to someone on iMessage. You can do this by starting a call in iMessage, pressing the App Storen icon and then pressing the Animoji icon.

Now record your message as you would normally do and send it. The Animoji is now sent to the recipient as a video, and that is where the solution lies. You can easily share a video with others from iMessage. To do this, press the Animoji clip and then press the Sharing icon on the bottom left. In the menu that appears, choose Messenger now to send the movie to a contact on Facebook Messenger.

This way it is possible to send Animoji via a medium other than iMessage. Much too cumbersome for everyday use, of course, but nice if you want someone to laugh at once.

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