FITT360: A collar as a 360-degree camera

Although Virtual Reality has become established in the market , there are currently no satisfactory solutions for capturing 360° videos for viewing with a virtual reality headset. The products available so far are usually very large and chunky, so they are not particularly suitable for everyday use. Quite different FITT360. The 360° camera comes in a kind of collar and allows the recording of 360° videos without much restrictions.

FITT360 1

Not only does FITT360 offer the ability to record 360° videos, but it also allows you to share camera shots in real time . Due to the intelligent design, the recording can be started easily with a single touch of a button and then shared on demand via smartphone. There is currently a campaign running on Kickstarter to help fund the product.

The first 360° camera collar in the world

FITT360 is the first 360° camera that seems really suitable for everyday use. The narrow collar can easily be put down and just as fast is because of the lightweight design already forgotten that you even wear it. This makes it the perfect companion for bike rides, traveling, nature adventures and much more, which in retrospect can be experienced via VR from the first-person perspective. So you can experience the important moments at home almost as intensively and maybe even experience the one or the other detail that you missed the first time.

The whole thing is made possible by three cameras , which are integrated in the collar. In the associated app, the three videos are then assembled, creating the 360° video. When editing the videos, you can even choose to export the file as a 360° video or rather as a normal 2K video or photo.

FITT360 2FITT360 3FITT360 4

360° camera with useful additional features

In addition to recording 360° videos, FITT360 simultaneously tracks the user’s position via GPS. So it is possible to follow closely where the videos were taken and even to create his own personal streetviews . If the camera is not recording any videos, you can also use FITT360 as a Bluetooth headset to listen to music. To weather the daily routine well, FITT360 is heat resistant, shockproof and waterproof to IPX6. The battery capacity is enough for 90 minutes of video recording.

In order for the gadget to offer the best user experience for each user, the manufacturer provides three different sizes so that there is no risk of anyone losing the collar involuntarily. If interested, FITT360 can be ordered for around 365 euros on Kickstarter. The financing target of 41,480 euros has already been almost tripled, so should not stand in the way of a speedy production. The expected delivery will take place in October of this year.


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