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Cougar Phontum, the first Gaming helmets arrive with graphene

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The brand Cougar, specialized in the design and manufacture of peripherals Gaming, has just presented its new Phontum helmets . This new model will be the first gaming helmet with graphene to reach the market, placing the brand with the most decisive front in one of the most competitive markets, that of gaming peripherals.

Graphene is one of the newest materials that is being researched in the field of applied science. This material is a substance composed of pure carbon, whose many properties include its extreme resistance, but also its great flexibility and elasticity, its great lightness and its great electrical conductivity. The fact is that it has come to consider replacing the current silicon used by electronic components by graphene.

It is not, therefore, rare that audio equipment manufacturers are willing to develop this technology for their gaming helmets. Although until now, none had managed to remove helmets that used graphene as material for the membranes that are installed inside the cups. Corresponds, then, to Cougar the privilege of being the first manufacturer to launch gaming helmets with graphene on their membranes.

Apart from being gaming helmets with graphene, the Phontum also have more interesting features

Unlike the vast majority of gaming helmets at the moment, Cougar Phontums do not carry a built-in sound card. This means that helmets use the traditional 3.5 mm mini jack connectors to reproduce the sound we are hearing, as well as being able to transmit the voice of the microphone that it incorporates. This can be something positive and / or negative at the same time, because it considerably increases the range of compatibility to be able to use these helmets with any type of device that uses such type of connectors … but if the sound card is not up to par of the helmets, will be in evidence in a most miserable way.

On the other hand, the design of the Cougar Phontum bowls is quite well thought out, given that they employ a double camera system that allows the helmets to make an accurate distinction between low, medium and high frequency sounds, so that they do not mix between them. In addition, the diaphragms that use the helmets are of extra size, with a diameter of 53 mm , larger than those used by the majority of the competition. Cougar Phontum gaming helmets can now be purchased at a price of $54.90.

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