BLUBOO S2 also wants to shine in 2018

BLUBOO S2… Bluboo is a brand that never really excited me and yet, for 2018 the brand should offer two nice models. The Bluboo S2 and the Bluboo S3. The brand is really confident for 2018, why? We will find out right away…

It’s nice to be confident, Mr. Bluboo, but why?! Because the brand is going to hit hard by installing a fingerprint system behind the slab of its babies. Practically the same system as the Vivo Xplay7, a feat that should delight the brand’s fans (I only know one, lol) and that’s not all. The design is also going to go off the beaten track, and it’s not to displease me:). It will have a single and unique photo sensor far from being rotten, since it is a Sony IMX230 of 21.0Mp. Mr. Bluboo, I think you’ll see me again with this little wonder. Here is the picture of the prototype, you will tell me what you think I already signed.

BLUBOO S2, you are not convinced yet!?

If you are not yet convinced, let me tell you that the little man will also be equipped with a 5.99 inch Amoled slab. What is for me the top, except in case of breakage, yes Amoled screens are relatively expensive to change. For the moment it’s not yet a safe model, we’ll have to wait… for some time, to discover it on YouTube and see if Bluboo doesn’t tell lies. It’s still very light for specs, Bluboo probably still has a surprise in store, if that’s the case I’ll come back to you to talk about it. For the moment we can only imagine and dream of a Smartphone Bluboo. Which this time makes you really want to own it.


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