Ugoos UM4 TV, a powerful Android TV

Review Ugoos UM4 TV

Although SmartTVs have come down considerably in the last two years, they are still too expensive for the few possibilities they offer (limited list of applications and, often, they stop working), besides being a perfect excuse for obsolescence programmed, leaving Android TV firmware without support after two years (hopefully) of the launch. Fortunately, there are much better alternatives to those of the manufacturers that allow us to convert any television into a SmartTV, Android TV devices like this Ugoos UM4 that we analyze today.

An Android TV device is a device that has hardware similar to that of a smartphone specially designed to run Android, and all its applications and games, on any television through the HDMI port. In this way, unlike what happens with SmartTV systems, we will be able to run any application on these devices as if we were doing it on a mobile phone, only on a much larger screen.

Currently there is a wide variety of these devices, of all types of prices and with all kinds of features. On this occasion we want to present you the new Ugoos UM4 TV.

Technical characteristics of Ugoos UM4 TV

Two of the main strengths of this Android TV device are its connectivity, which has a dual-band wireless network card, as well as the reproduction of all types of multimedia content, since it has an HDMI 2.0 video output and with the possibility of reproducing 4K content without problems.

As for hardware, we are facing a 4-core ARM A53 processor with a Mali-450Mp2 graphic. We also find 2 GB of RAM along with 16 GB of storage memory, perfect for storing Android and all its applications, although somewhat limited if what we want is, for example, save roms of a retro-console or series and movies inside, although for this we have a USB 3.0 port to which we can connect any USB memory at maximum speed, as well as a micro-sd slot to expand storage. Although as we are going to teach you this device includes a remote control, to control it better has a USB OTG port to which we can connect, for example, a keyboard and mouse, or a command more complete than the one that comes by default.

Regarding the software, we have an Android device Nougat , a fairly recent version of the operating system of Google (and OTA updates), very pure and that comes only with the essential to operate, so we can forget about the crapware. This device also comes with the Play Store to download the apps and games that we want, and we can also install an alternative store, such as Aptoide, in case you can not download any from the Google store. That said, in the following link we leave you a complete review of the Android TV Ugoos UM4 TV.

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