ILIFE A8 vacuum robot with 360° camera

As every year at the 51st Consumer Electronics Show CES 2018, the new technical information from the big tech companies will be presented. ILIFE Robotics was also part of the party and introduced its new flagship model, the ILIFE A8. We have all known information.

Visually almost identical to the ILIFE A6: The new ILIFE A8 vacuum robot

Visually almost identical to the ILIFE A6: The new ILIFE A8 vacuum robot

Visually, the A8 is very much based on the ILIFE A6 , on previously published images a difference can be seen only on the top of the on / off button. In addition, the teat is only 7.2 cm flat and fits well with furniture such as the sofa. On the front of a 360 ° camera is installed, navigated by the vacuum robot. A live view via App should be possible.

The data obtained by the mapping and the spatial measurement are stored on three built-in chips. Thus, the created map of the premises can also be retrieved later and the sucker is accordingly coping well. Due to the space measurement, the vacuum cleaner should not skip any areas , but also leave no areas several times. The latter is both positive and negative. On the one hand, the vacuum cleaner does not travel unnecessarily, but larger amounts of dirt could be left lying down by a single shutdown.

ILIFE A8 vacuum cleaner cleaning mode

If the battery of the A8 is empty, it returns like other models autonomously back to the charging station and recharges its battery. The highlight of the ILIFE A8: It resumes work after not all parts of the four walls have been left. A built-in voice alert system should also be able to reproduce the current status via voice output. This includes, for example, information about battery level, area to be cleaned or working hours.

ILIFE A8 vacuum robot technology

Since 2015, the Chinese company ILIFE has grown rapidly. Vice General Manager Chen Koon Leung announced at CES that the ILIFE brand continues to stand for “customer-friendly top models at affordable prices”. Thus, the models will become more powerful in the future, but should not cost too much like comparable models. This was already evident in the ILIFE V80.

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