Chuwi GBox Pro with Intel Core i5-8000G CPU

At CES, Intel introduced new Core i processors with an integrated AMD GPU of the Vega series including HBM2 graphics memory. The chips are available in different performance classes, with all models also suitable for gaming. The performance of the on-board graphics of Intel chips makes a huge step forward. Intel has also introduced new models of its “NUC” called barebones, which are suitable as compact gaming PCs.

From China, however, seems an alternative to come, because Chuwi has now announced the “GBox Pro”. Unfortunately, Chuwi does not yet give precise specifications, so the exact processor model is unknown, but it talks about an Intel Core CPU of the 8th generation and a GPU with HBM2 graphics memory. And exactly this description fits the new Intel chips. There is hope that the Chuwi GBox Pro will bet on one of the new Intel Core i chips with AMD graphics and thus has a lot to offer in terms of performance. It would be conceivable that Chuwi sets here on the smallest model, which would then be the Intel Core i5-8000G. It has four cores with a clock of 2.8GHz or 3.8GHz in Turbo Boost, 6MB L3 cache and a Vega M GL GPU with 1280 shader units.

Especially in terms of design, the Chuwi GBox Pro, depending on power requirements, would be a serious alternative to the new Intel NUCs. As you can see on the picture, unlike the new NUCs, the GBox Pro looks really stylish and is probably made entirely of metal. So you can look forward to the further details.

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