5 features of Huawei P20

Reasons to buy the Huawei P20

The Huawei P20 has not yet been put on the market. However, a few days ago we heard new rumors, and everything indicates that we could have up to 3 versions of this same device. And if in your day we gave you good reasons to buy the Huawei P9, the Huawei P20 does not stay behind, so keep reading:

Reasons to buy Huawei P20

3 rear cameras

Or what is the same, 3 photographic sensors in the back with an effective resolution of 40 MP. It is an authentic madness. Because fashion is no longer betting on double camera, but triple back camera. This is what this Huawei P20 could have. All rumors so indicate and their prototypes.

3 versions to choose

On this occasion the manufacturer will release 3 versions of the same model to the market. The objective? That the user can choose the one that best suits their needs, in terms of price, screen and features. We are talking about the normal P20, P20 Plus and P20 Pro.

Great processor

It is certain that the new Huawei P11 will come with Kirin 970. It’s very powerful, and you will not have time to miss Qualcomm. In addition, we may see other surprises, such as the use of the chip’s neural network system.

Android Oreo

If you want to buy a mobile with Android Oreo, the Huawei P20 bet factory for this latest version of Android. And given that it is a top of the range, who knows if it will update to Android P. It is a good bet in this regard.

Good price?

We still expect to launch it by the end of February-beginning of March, at MWC 2018. So we do not know the price. However, if we take as reference the prices of the previous terminals of the firm, it will be brilliant in relation quality / price.

As we say, for now we just have to wait for it to go on the market. The day it is presented and we know its price, we will have everything to shuffle if it is a good option. What is clear is that we are dealing with a manufacturer that is doing better every time and that increasingly sells more , so we expect a lot.

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