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MSI gaming monitors: LED notifications for Discord, games and more

See news 'MSI gaming monitors: LED notifications for Discord, games and more'

MSI has just presented, during the CES Las Vegas 2018 event, its two new gaming monitors that use a LED notification for Discord or different games on the market . This LED can be configured completely by the user, so that never again lose a detail of the conversations or games.

Any self-respecting gamer can not waste time continually checking Discord to see if a message has arrived. But neither can pass a second without knowing that the favorite skill of your character is ready to be used again. All this means that I can not take my eyes off the screen at any time. Therefore, what better place to place the notifications of one and the other than in the frame of the monitor itself?

Precisely for this reason, and allied with the famous gaming peripherals developer Steel Series, MSI has just presented its two new Optix MPG27CQ and MPG27C monitors. In both models the monitors carry a LED strip of notifications for Discord or for other programs and games, which can be programmed and customized by the users , located in the lower frame. And that will be illuminated in the way that it has decided to notify you of the event that you have programmed in this regard.

To program the Notification LED for Discord or games / programs, MSI will use the SteelSeries GameSense software and can react, not only to Discord warnings, but to ability counters that indicate when one of them becomes available again. Your job. Although these are not the only LEDs that will have these panels, since also on the back there will be a customizable lighting design, in case someone wants some ambient lighting.

Regarding technical characteristics, both monitors present a curvature of 1800R with a VA panel, with a refresh rate of 144 Hz , that is, quite high. There is no comment on whether they will be compatible with AMD FreeSync or Nvidia G-Sync technologies, although it would be a pity if they were not compatible with one of them.

In terms of resolutions, the Optix MPG27CQ uses a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels (called 2K in the field of computer monitors), while the Optix MPG27C uses only a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

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