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Blackview X – another smartphone copy iPhone X design!

Blackview Iphone X

Blackview, just a few hours ago, we were talking about the Bluboo D5, a “twin” of the MIX 2, and today another “clone” appears on the net: the Blackview X. As you can guess from the name (although it hasn’t been confirmed yet), we’re talking about a new clone of the Apple iPhone X. From the famous smartphone, in fact, the aesthetics is well taken up, but not without some differences.

First, the Blackview X will integrate a 19:9 slab. This is the first time in the mobile panorama and this is due to the particular form factor. In fact, in the upper part of the screen we have the notch (the notch), that is to say the projection which integrates the membrane of the earphone and the various sensors. We come directly to the technical data sheet of this umpteenth clone, the body is assembled in glass and metal. It incorporates a 5.85 inch diagonal screen, probably with Full HD+ resolution. In addition to the obvious resemblance with the apple phone, some elements are also repeated on Samsung flagships. Especially for the lower part of the screen, where you will find a border with many curved corners (at least depending on the renderings). Speaking of dimensions, this one is 144 x 70 x 8.5 mm.

The rest of the specifications are not clear: we know that the software will be based on Android 8.1 Oreo and that the price will be very cheap. The chipset is not specified but will almost certainly be a MediaTek, flanked by not exaggerated memory slices, so probably 3Gb/32gb in any case in these waters.

So many Chinese brand clone iphone X, I remember that Elephone U and Doogee V also copy this design!

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