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Doogee V: Flexible AMOLED display and in-screen fingerprint

Doogee has announced its new flagship for this year. The Doogee V looks very promising on paper. Satisfactory 8GB LPDDR4X RAM and 128GB internal memory are promised. But those are not the only highlights that the Doogee V should offer. According to Doogee, they want to use a flexible AMOLED display, which is also used in the Elephone U, for example.

In contrast to Elephone, Doogee wants to use the flexible display not only for a curved display, but actually offer a flexible display. The front of the Doogee V is therefore not made of glass, but of a more flexible but still stable material. The goal is not in the end to build a bendable smartphone, but you want to prevent display breaks.

But there is another highlight. With Synaptics now offering a technology for fingerprint sensors on the display, it’s only a matter of time before this feature finds its way into available smartphones. The Doogee V should be one of them. The fingerprint sensor on the display makes it easy to unlock the smartphone on the front without having to clear space in the form of an edge under the display. Accordingly, the Doogee V should offer a very good display-to-case ratio, as indicated by the first render.

The remaining specifications of the Doogee V are currently unknown. In particular, the processor used will be interesting. We would like it, even if Doogee would rely on a Qualcomm processor. Pricing or scheduled launch dates are not yet available.

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