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Xiaomi DCL01CM Induction Cooker coupon for deals with $99.99

Xiaomi DCL01CM Creative Precise Control Induction Cooker

Talking about a portable induction cooker today may seem unusual and certainly not great news as we will find many on the market. But if the manufacturer is Xiaomi then things change a lot, because as we all know, what comes under his umbrella becomes almost immediately an object of desire, whether it is yours or just by appearing in his renowned “eco system”. Other users will think that for what the hell we want this gadget at home and I have vitro at home I tell you that I liked the idea of making one, obviously one of the reasons is to try it to tell you about my experience.

But the first thing is to see what the Xiaomi Induction Cooker or Xiaomi DCL01CM offers us.

As a good MiJia device, because this vitro has a WiFi connection to connect with our account in the My Home app, it comes finished in the already more than usual white color, except its upper surface is black as it usually happens in induction kitchens. This surface is 30 cm in diameter where we will be able to lodge a good casserole to cook for a few diners, that yes, it must be the one that they sell us because the surface of the vitroceramics carries a protuberance where it is housed the temperature sensor in charge of verifying the operation of our portable kitchen.

Xiaomi DCL01CM Creative Precise Control Induction Cooker

To begin with, we have 99 different temperatures available to adjust our induction cooker, so it will be very easy to find the right temperature to make our food, whether it is frying, boiling or anything else we need. But this plate also has double frequency technology to avoid temperature differences between the different cooking zones, improving the final result.

As I said before incorporates a temperature sensor that is located outside, instead of being under the induction plate which results in a better reading and therefore of a better operation, reducing energy consumption. Speaking of energy we must know that it has 2100 watts of power for which it needs a voltage of 220 volts. And it also enables us to control the more than 100 cooking modes available on the Xiaomi DCL01CM, such as the low temperature cooking mode.

If we prefer to dispense with the use of our smartphone we can control it from the central button, which also includes an LCD screen to observe the set temperature. With a prolonged press of 2 seconds we will turn off or on, rotating the button we can select the type of cooking, clicking pause its operation and if we press and turn at the same time adjust the temperature to the value we want.

It could be said that once again the Xiaomi boys have completed a round product, never better said and that it can come in handy in some situations. Look at the typical village house where we usually cook with gas and that on some occasion it would be great to have a supplementary fire to place a good casserole and make a stew for the whole family or a good fabada, to give a couple of examples.

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