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Talon, the smart ring will pre-order for $129 on January 9th

Titanium Falcon has recently unveiled Talon, the smart ring that can perceive movements and be used to control various types of devices at home or to add that extra bit of immersion in the experiences of virtual and augmented reality.

The Talon Ring (Photo: Business Wire)

A California-based company, Titanium Falcon has been preparing this device for some time and will start accepting the pre-orders starting on January 9th at a price of $129, practically with the beginning of the CES in Las Vegas where Talon will be shown. The first deliveries are expected for spring.

“With the control through gesture that represents a well-defined element of our future driven by technology, Talon is the perfect proposal for consumers who want to start contacting this new frontier of interaction with technology.” We know that because Talon can become an essential accessory in everyday life, the form factor must be really wearable, and must be accessible.In addition to being user-friendly and in line with the natural gestures of human beings, Talon is the only smart-ring that arrives on the market to minimize the drifting and response time of similar solutions proposed above, “said June Guo, founder and CEO of Titanium Falcon.

Talo, which offers nine degrees of freedom, can be calibrated and controlled via Bluetooth connection. The new smart-ring makes use of proprietary noise reduction technologies and is based on specially developed algorithms to favor accuracy in tracking and response speed. The first applications that can support Talon will likely be minigames and remote controllers for action cameras.

Via: talonring.com

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