Elephone S9 was changed name, called “Elephone U”

26198142_1769979659699647_2958846553398275225_o Name change: Elephone S9 becomes Elephone U

Surprisingly enough , Elephone announced today that it will change the name of Elephone S9 to Elephone U. The Elephone S9 Pro will accordingly come under the name Elephone U Pro on the market. As far as the backgrounds are concerned, Elephone states that they are responding to community feedback, according to which the devices are technically too similar to other manufacturers. Whether this sudden change makes sense is an open question. We like the new name but somehow already.

Incidentally, this is not the first time that Elephone has suddenly changed the name of a previously announced smartphone. The same thing was done with the Elephone P8. Originally, this smartphone “Elephone P25” should come on the market.

Personally, I think it is an irresponsible behavior to change the name of a mobile phone! It can be seen: Elephone is a very serious company.


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