Doogee BL12000 comes on the market at $179.99

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On the market in a few days the cell phone that offers not only an endless operating autonomy but also the possibility of being used as a battery bank. Another gem, the front camera with 130 ° field angle.

Announced in recent weeks, the smartphone Doogee BL12000 will finally be available on the official Doogee store at the special price of $179.99 from January 8 next and only until January 15, after which the smartphone will be sold at the official list price of $ 209.99.

The distinctive feature of Doogee BL12000 is the battery of 12000mAh (two units of 6000mAh each) that makes it the smartphone from the largest battery currently on the market, and equal to about 4 times the capacity of an iPhone 8 Plus. Doogee BL12000 can provide autonomy even up to 42 days of standby time, 90 hours of calls and 25 hours of use and thanks to the fast charge of 12V-3A to 36W, you can fully charge the phone in about 4 hours.

And the phone also supports the USB OTG function, which means it can act as a battery bank to charge other external devices or to connect USB devices such as keyboard, mouse or external hard drives, expanding the phone’s experience.

Another flagship of Doogee BL12000 is the camera compartment consisting of four modules: two front and two rear. One of the front cameras is also characterized by a 130 ° field angle , capable of capturing up to 10 people in a single photo. The other front camera instead offers a resolution of 16MP ensuring more defined images for selfies. With regard to the rear modules, from 16 to 13 megapixels, the features FaceBeauty, Blur, Mono and Panorama are designed to quickly and easily create photographs with a strong visual impact.

As for the display, we find a 6-inch unit in 18: 9 format with a resolution of 2160×1080 pixels. The phone also offers 3D facial recognition for unlocking the phone. Finally, the Doogee BL12000 hardware compartment is equipped with an Octa-Core processor and 4GB of RAM and 256GB of internal memory.

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