Maze Comet Review

Here comes Heavy Metal, a smartphone for real guys: The Maze Comet brings a proud 237 grams on the scales and lies in the hand like an anvil. Whether the heavyweight can convince for 130 euros with its 64 GB of memory and 18: 9 display in everyday life, the test should show.


This part strikes like a comet. Not only in terms of weight (237 grams), but especially with its, well, unconventional design. The display in 18: 9 format is framed by a rounded, CNC machined metal body, the back is covered with black leather. On the leather sits the camera lens with dual LED flash, framed by a stale-looking metal coat of arms. To the rustic outfit fit the four screws on the flanks. How can the MAZE Comet be described in one word? Goth? Emo? Spacey? Noble? No idea. One thing is certain: This exotic design does not fit into any known scheme. At most the name “Vertu” jumps in your head.

But what about the processing? Unfortunately not so good. The first thing you notice is a pixel error in the display, then the clattering power and volume buttons on the left edge of the case. Finally, the screen is fitted so carelessly that it creaks in the middle range of the housing stands out (estimated 0.5 mm). With dimensions of 158.8 x 73.5 x 9.9 mm, the Maze Comet belongs to the category of “beating”, while other devices (eg. the Umidigi Z1 Pro) pack a 4000 mAh battery much more filigree.

Also in the navigation Maze goes its own way: no back button, no task button. A single home button assumes the task of navigation. If you just tap it (capacitive), it goes back. If you press it mechanically, you end up on the home screen. Press and hold for the task view. This works quite well in the test, even if it is unfamiliar. If you do not like it, you can activate on-screen buttons that do not really steal space thanks to the 18: 9 format. At the same time, the home button acts as a fingerprint sensor, which reliably performs its task with 9/10 successful unlock attempts.


5.7 inches in 18: 9 format – this is an announcement and is already becoming the standard in the middle class. According to the manufacturer Gorilla Glass 5 is used. The chances of surviving a fall are therefore not bad. The chances that the metal chunk breaks all the foot bones, but not at all.

The 2.5D glass makes a nice transition with the rounded metal body. If there were not the nasty gap (see above), one could speak in this point of a successful design. Less intoxicating with this size is the HD resolution of 1440 x 720 pixels and 281 PPI. In practice, the quality does not suffer from this, all content is displayed on the IPS screen sufficiently sharp. The colors and contrasts are also good and natural over, the brightness is sufficient in the sunshine. Subtleties can be adjusted via MiraVision.


For currently 130 euros in the pre-sale brings the Maze Comet with a decent hardware. The mid-range eight-core processor (MediaTek MT6750T) clocks at 1.53 GHz; paired with 4 GB of RAM and a Mali-T860 graphics chip, the Comet is well equipped for all day-to-day tasks. Even graphically demanding games are running smoothly.

On board are whopping 64 GB of memory, which make it hardly necessary to take the opportunity to use an additional SD card. All in all, the Android 7.0 system runs very fast and without bugs. The Maze Comet offers a solid basic performance that flagship users will tend to be less responsive to, but for the average Joe-consumer always meets all needs.


The battery capacity is the manufacturer with 4000 mAh, which also confirms the measurement. A full charge on the Type C connection takes around three hours. Unfortunately, how long the Comet can handle in the PCMark battery test can not be determined. After two hours at the latest the system played a trick and ended the test run independently. In practice, however, there was no surprise. How to assume for 4000 mAh, you get it loose throughout the day. If you drive more economically, you only have to plug in the power plug at the end of day two.


Even if only the standard program is run with the sensors (acceleration, ambient light, gravity, approximation), there is nothing else to moan about. The Maze Comet masters all the necessary nets. The use in this country is therefore nothing in the way. You can also use two Nano SIM cards. If you do, you have to do without the microSD card because of the hybrid slot. Or the other way around.

The call quality is good, the voice on the other end clearly heard, only the volume could be a tick higher. Likewise, as a reliable navigation system (GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou) and Jukebox (connected via Bluetooth with the car) makes the Comet a good figure. In the WLAN, the smartphone runs on top thanks to the .ac standard. The speaker on the bottom behaves, as usual in this price range: For hands-free talking it is sufficient when playing music and distorted at high volume.


It is already clear that the camera on the back is elaborately staged. But what is behind the swanky appearance? Behind the scenes works a Sony IMX 258 with 13MP and has an aperture of f2.2. The sensor is eg also installed in the Redmi Note 4X or Vernee Mars Pro and does convincing work there. The ramble with the Maze Comet confirms that: The pictures are sharp, colourfast and still acceptable in weaker light. With backlight or bright sky the Comet, however, does not get along very well and then exposes the whole subject either too bright or too dark. It is welcome that the manufacturer did not jump on the dual-cam train. Because experience shows that in this price region only a sham will be expected.

On the front also works a Sony sensor, the IMX219. This shoots solid selfies with 8MP at aperture f2.2. He also works in the Nomu S30 Mini as the main sensor and knows how to convince. Conclusion to the camera: The Maze Comet relies on proven sensors and dispenses with an often pointless dual-cam.

Android 7.0

The Android 7.0 is mostly natural, runs fast, fluid and without annoying “design experiments”. Everything is in place: app drawer with app search feature, Google Apps and other familiar items.

Buy MAZE Comet at for $171.20


One thing is certain: The Maze Comet is a very special candidate from China. Metal, leather, 5.7 inches - that definitely stands out! The hardware is stately and thanks to Volume 20 LTE is also supported. So if you want to dance one of the series and have no problem with the high weight, with the Maze Comet quite happy. Those who prefer proven and simple technology would be well advised in this price region with a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X.

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