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Intel Core i7-8809G: Vega GPU with 4GB of HBM2 memory

The processor will be based on the Kaby Lake architecture, the CPU cores are clocked at 3.1 GHz by default, little information is available to the Vega GPU.

Intel’s graphics devices are far from the most powerful on the market, and during the past year it has become apparent that the chipmaker wanted to fix this shortcoming with the help of an actual competitor. Now there are details about the processor, which should come from Intel itself. The information that has now become public confirm previous rumors.

It seems that the processor will come onto the market under the name Core i7-8809G and be added to the eighth core generation. However, the chip’s four CPU cores, which support Intel’s Hyper Threading technology, will be based on the Kaby Lake rather than the Coffee Lake S architecture used in the other models in the series that are in use in desktop PCs. They are clocked at 3.1 GHz by default and can be up to 3.9 GHz in turbo mode.

Also included is the Intel HD Graphics 630, but more important is the Vega GPU built into the Multi-Chip Module (MCM). To the Radeon RX Vega M GH – so the complete name – but so far only a few details have become known. This is true even for the number of shaders or the clock. It only seems to stand that a four gigabyte HBM2 memory is available. In addition, the MCM is additionally provided with a RAM in DDR4-2400 format, which is connected with the help of two memory channels. The thermal power loss for the entire module is given as 100 watts. Further details are expected to be announced at CES, which will open its doors in Las Vegas on January 9th.

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