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Android P: Providers can hide network strength

If the connection of the smartphone to the network is weak, this is usually already shown by the bars on the display. But they want to disable providers with the future Android version.

The upcoming Android version will not only come up with new features that users hope for a long time. Google will also be meeting the providers in the upcoming release of the operating system, which will probably be presented as the Android P at the software developer’s I/O developer conference and will eventually be released in the fall of 2018.

According to information from the XDA developers, providers of telephone or data lines will be able to decide themselves in future whether they want to show the strength of their network. An appropriate hint was found in the source code of Android P, where the measurement of signal strength is still done by the smartphone.

The setting can be specified specifically by each provider using the Carrier Configuration, which is hidden in the vendor.xml file and activated when a SIM card is inserted. A gain for the user is not connected with this decision, but rather it helps the providers to hide the available power of their networks.

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