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Meizu X: Will be the successful phone in 2018?

At the end of 2017, the Meizu X introduced a mid-range smartphone that visually differed greatly from the rest of the Meizu line-up. The smartphone opted for a double-glass design with a ceramic coating. The smartphone came on the market with the Mediatek Helio P20 processor. Rumors of a successor were already several times in 2017, but from the official side we are not aware of any comments. This has changed, however, shortly before the end of the year.

Meizu Vice President Li Nan is said to have made first statements to a Meizu X successor in a live stream, according to a report on MyDrivers.com. Whether the smartphone is called Meizu X2 or gets another name is open. In any case, it will not settle in the middle class segment anymore. The successor is supposed to cost from 2499 yuan (320 €), which indicates an upscale equipment.

Since the first Meizu X belonged to the “Blue Charm” brand of Meizu (we are the Blue Charm devices known as “M”), which is actually focused exclusively on cheaper smartphones, this may seem unusual. The M-series (Blue Charm), however, has now become more detached from Meizu and has become more independent. Thus, it might well be that you want to compete with the Meizu brand in the future and will also offer more powerful and therefore more expensive devices. So it’s interesting to see what the Blue Charm Division has planned for the Meizu X2, if that’s what it’s called.

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