Why is Xiaomi so cheap in China?

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A

Xiaomi is a phone brand that has a very good price in China but when its terminals pass borders the price is very different. Now, why does no one tell you the truth about Xiaomi’s prices in China?

Is it the same to buy a Xiaomi in China than to buy it in Spain? The answer is NO and it is something that nobody will tell you. Xiaomi phones are launched in China at a price much lower than other high-end phones such as Samsung Galaxy S, Note or Apple’s iPhone but the fact is that they are equally powerful and sometimes even superior in some aspects with designs that yes they are worth it. Buy Xiaomi is not buy worse quality, not at all.

Do you remember the annoying ads on Amazon Prime’s phones? Yes, it is something similar but even worse. If you buy a Xiaomi in China you can not buy it without ads and in China they call MIUI “AdUI” for this very reason.

The Global ROM of MIUI does not have ads in the system but in the ROM China they will show you ads, they will infest you of applications, etc. Of course, they will rid you of the ads in exchange for buying custom themes or making different purchases. Ads appear within the system, not just on the lock screen as in Amazon mobiles.

MIUI launches promotions to remove ads

In fact, often, users buy something in MIUI to remove ads from the system, those third-party ads that can not be deleted automatically. And MI accounts can only remove ads on a single phone. This means that if an IM account buys something that removes ads, it will only have this advantage in one of the telephones, not in all of them.

Xiaomi in China is very cheap but the reason is that you are the product . Here you can also find the explanation of why buying the best Xiaomi from China is not the same as doing it in Spain, the prices of the product itself are already different and that is to add expenses such as VAT or import costs.

Xiaomi has already made it clear that she wants to go public soon and even become an Artificial Intelligence company but that she will do so in the coming years. It will be necessary to see if the Global ROM gets infested with ads as it happens in China, in that case it is possible that people are no longer so willing to pay to see ads, do they?


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