GPD WIN 2 Handheld PC Game Console officially released

GPD WIN 2 Handheld PC Game Console

When it comes to handheld gaming, you usually think of the Nintendo Switch or the Nintendo DS. In addition, the Playstation Vita plays in this area even more important. On devices with Windows operating system and Windows Games think in this segment, however, the least. Anyone who has been traveling for some time may be familiar with GPD. This company has actually made a mobile game console with Windows 10 operating system a reality. The GPD WIN was delivered last year and has caused quite a stir, as it was funded by crowdfunding. All the more interesting is that now the second generation of this very special game console has been announced.

With the GPD WIN 2 the manufacturer continues the previous course consistently. In terms of performance, you now go one step further. Instead of an Intel Atom chipset, you now make the jump to a Core M processor – even on the powerful Core M3-7Y30. For the gaming performance, however, it is well known that the graphics card is also crucial. Of course, the GPD WIN 2 still can not offer a dedicated card, but the Intel HD 615 GPU built into the processor still delivers decent performance. The display of the GPD WIN 2 has become a little bigger with 6 inches. The resolution remains identical with 1280×720 pixels. The game performance should be beneficial to the resolution.

GPD WIN 2 Handheld PC Game Console

According to GPD, it is possible to display even more or less current games with sufficient frame rate with appropriate graphics settings. For example, GTA 5, which is playable at 38fps, and Word of Warcraft, where 30fps were measured, are advertised directly. These are all values ​​that are quite remarkable for a handheld platform. The rest of the equipment is also designed for the highest possible gaming experience. In addition to 8GB of memory, the memory is connected as SSD via a M.2 SATA3 interface. The internal memory is 128GB by default and can either be replaced or expanded by MicroSD or USB stick. GPD has also put a lot of emphasis on cooling. With so much power, of course, a lot of waste heat comes together. According to the company, GPD has created an innovative system that can optimally dissipate the waste heat with the aid of a controllable fan. So that the endurance is not neglected in the whole performance, two battery cells with 4,900mAh and 3.8V voltage were installed. These are connected in series and thus provide sufficient voltage and at the same time ensure a good endurance.

GPD WIN 2 Handheld PC Game Console

What we really like about the GPD WIN 2 is the generosity with which GPD deals with information. The list of specifications is very detailed and covers everything that you, as an inclined user, would like to know. Here one is used to other manufacturers from China completely different. Unfortunately, GPD makes but no information regarding the target price for the handheld. In addition, the device will come in August next year on the market. Until then many months pass and the specifications may not look so exciting anymore. Therefore, we see the announcement of GPD very split, happy and still very much on the GPD WIN 2.

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