Apeman Mini pocket projector

Apeman Mini 3

Projectors continue to develop rapidly. What was once only open to cinemas has long since arrived in home cinema. Over the years, home video projectors have not only become more affordable but also smaller and smaller. Large boxes that evoke memories of school overhead projectors are long gone. The modern projector must be handy, easy to align. He should be able to be brought to a joint movie night. We found something there!

Thanks to the latest developments in technology, this is no longer a problem, because more and more projectors are so handy that they can be transported in your pocket. The Apeman Mini is one of them. Over time, we have already introduced you to many projectors. The Apeman Mini is a particularly small representative of it, ideal to take him to friends and, for example, to show pictures or videos.

This portable projector is really something special. Its unique selling point is clearly its small size. Just 9.8 x 9.8 x 2.1 cm (HxWxD) includes the gadget. It is as light as a feather with 200g. With these dimensions, it quickly becomes clear how practical the Apeman Mini is in everyday life. The projector can be easily transported, in a backpack, a handbag or even in your pocket!

Another advantage that makes the Apeman Mini an ideal projector on the go: It has a built-in battery. The battery promises up to 120 minutes of playing time. In addition, the device can also be charged via a power bank while traveling. You can not demand more mobility from a projector. The Apeman Mini is the ideal projector for a WG party or a romantic movie night for two.

Despite the very small design, the Apeman Mini has a solid technology. The HD-equipped device has a 1000: 1 contrast and comes with a native resolution of 854 × 480. The projector can be connected to the laptop or PC via HDMI and MHL cable. But even the smartphone or the tablet can be connected to it.

The LED light promises a lifespan of 25,000 hours without replacing the lamp. So the buyer has a lot of fun with the projector and does not have to be annoyed at the beginning with signs of wear. Also for a good sound is taken care of; the device has a 3.5mm stereo jack and a dual stereo speaker. If you are interested in the Apeman Mini Beamer, you can buy it on Amazon. There is the good piece is to have 199.99 euros.

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