TenFifteen F1 Sports Smartwatch Phone

Today, one of the products that have more popularity among users worldwide are smart watches, better known as SmartWatches. We have previously talked about a number of these, as well as the Zeblaze THOR S or the Cubot F1, but today we are here to talk about one of the newest you will get in the market, this being the impressive TenFifteen F1 Sports Smartwatch Phone. We are going to tell you about the characteristics that will be presented to us.

With dimensions of only 25.00 x 4.72 x 1.20 cm, a weight of 0.0600 kg and a size of 1.3-inch LCD touch screen with 240 x 240 pixels, this smart watch will provide a good comfort to the user who is using. It has a small camera located in the front, which has 0.3 megapixels , although it is not much, we must remember that this product is made to carry out follow-ups of exercises, so it is not bad. With respect to its memory, we will get 32MB of RAM and 128MB of internal memory, so it does not provide much storage.

Being a SmartWatch, we can deduce that we are going to present a lot of features, and we are right. Since it is specially made for those who are extreme lovers, the TenFifteen F1 Sports Smartwatch Phone has some impressive features. Among basic things like a pedometer and a sleep monitor, we can find others such as: support for multiple sports, compass, stopwatch, pressure monitor, cardiac monitor, among others.

Thanks to the GPS it has, this device will be able to track you regardless of the place or environment in which you are or where you are going to go. As a result of this, a map with that route will appear on your smartphone, because, due to the connection that is created between the watch and your device, it will be able to save the information of the places you go to.

If you are one of those people who are worried about taking the phone in certain places, either because of its size or because you feel that something can happen to you, then you have nothing to worry about. Thanks to a tray to insert a SIM card, you will be able to be on the lookout for all your phone calls, text messages and more. This area of ​​the watch is completely unlocked , so you will be able to use it this way no matter what part of the world you are from.

This will be a great help for those who are in an exercise plan or just want to know how many steps they take. The TenFifteen F1 Sports Smartwatch Phone is able to keep track of the number of steps you take, as well as the kilometers you travel, in addition to the time you do it. It can measure even the distances traveled by bicycle.

this is really important. Anyone who likes to exercise, needs to know the rhythm with which their heart beats, and with this watch it is more than easy to know that. Thanks to the way it is made, it fits perfectly to your wrist, so the capture of your heart rate is simple. This is a great positive point , since the user will be able to realize if there is a problem , or if he is making a lot of effort.

No matter where you are, this smart watch will always find a way to tell you where to go. There are times when it is not very easy to differentiate the cardinal points, but that will be one of your last problems thanks to this great and intelligent compass mode. Do not worry about where you are, because that’s what is the TenFifteen F1 Sports Smartwatch Phone.

If you are interested in buying this great smart watch and want to know where to do it, well here we have the answer. The TenFifteen F1 Sports Smartwatch Phone is pre-sold in the Gearbest online store at a price of only $59.99, so you’ll get a great product for very little price.

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