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Alfawise X – a cheap projector with 3200 Lumens for $165.99 with coupon

Portable projectors are quite comfortable when traveling or wanting to share with family or friends, an example of one of these is the UNIC Q1 Mini DLP projector which we presented earlier. But we know that these portable projectors are not as powerful or offer advanced image quality. If we want a slightly higher projector, it is normal that its cost is higher, but also the features offered to the user. Today we present the Alfawise X, a projector of great quality and that is currently on sale thanks to a coupon that you will find at the end of the article. With a projection capacity of up to 200 inches and a brightness of 3200 lumens, this projector is quite interesting. Best of all, it can be purchased for a price of $165.99.

This projector is not like any other, it is built in metal and high quality plastic, has dimensions of 33.00 x 12.00 x 25.00 cm and a weight of 2.55 Kg. It is available in black and white, offering a projection of up to 200 inches . Its projection range goes from 1.5 to 6 meters.

The power of the lamp is 50W and offers a duration of up to 20,000 hours , which translates to more than 10 years with moderate use. It also has a built-in Dolby sound system, which generates a maximum noise of 28 dB.

This projector takes a huge leap in this category, as it has a processor Amlogic S905X quad-core operating at 1.5GHz, in addition to having a combination of 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage. It has a native resolution of 1200 x 800 HD, although it allows to decode the 4K at 60 fps. Thanks to these specifications, the device is fully compatible with applications, videos and games, offering a truly enjoyable experience.

This device has the ability to connect via WIFI and LAN. It has two HDMI outputs and two USB outputs, one for 2.0 and one for 3.0. Another interesting aspect of this projector is that it is compatible with game consoles such as Xbox, PlayStation and many more. It comes with a remote control that incorporates the main functions of the device and is recharged by a USB port, thus avoiding having to use expensive batteries.

There is no doubt that this is one of the best projectors that we have found, especially due to the fact of its quality and having a great sound stereo speakers. Normally this projector is priced at $182.99 on Gearbest, but you can buy it for only $165.99 thanks to the discount coupon. You just have to enter the following link if you want to buy it and enjoy your own home theater.

Buy Alfawise X at GearBest.com only for $165.99 use coupon AFWXPA

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