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Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Smartwatch 2 Unboxing and review

It seems that before there is not much news, Huami Amazfit 2 is so suddenly released. A bit similar to the first generation, Huami Amazfit 2 sports watch has been sold out in the official website.

Compared to the first generation, Amazfit 2 has a huge change: the appearance of more stylish features, more powerful configuration and higher prices. Amazfit, the first generation of former runners, is now also upgraded to support the use of advanced runners. Amazfit’s ambitions are obvious to all, and the running market, which has long been dominated by traditional watch brands, has gradually fallen apart.

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开箱 | 华米AMAZFIT智能运动手表2 这次是要吸谁的血革谁的命开箱 | 华米AMAZFIT智能运动手表2 这次是要吸谁的血革谁的命


At first glance, Amazfit 2 has many similarities with the moto 360 that Motorola introduced a few years ago. The same round dial, the same chin design, but Amazfit 2 dial size was significantly greater than the moto 360. Just from the design, Amazfit 2 excellent inheritance moto 360 design.

Because of this, Amazfit 2 does not look like a sports watch, though it is a collection of sports and smart watch.

开箱 | 华米AMAZFIT智能运动手表2 这次是要吸谁的血革谁的命

Amazfit 2 uses the more popular touch screen + three-button design, as we are familiar with SUUNTO Spartan. Amazfit 2 screen size of 1.34 inches, a resolution of 320×300, can display a larger area, the external coverage of 2.5D arc glass mirror. Coupled with the reflective screen material, it can also be a good performance in the sun. However, in the automatic backlight, Amazfit 2 screen brightness was significantly lower, indoor environment display is not good.

In addition, Amazfit 2’s display is not a standard circle, at the bottom of the screen in order to place the distance sensor, and set aside a black edge. For the sake of functional integrity, this small defect does not matter.

开箱 | 华米AMAZFIT智能运动手表2 这次是要吸谁的血革谁的命开箱 | 华米AMAZFIT智能运动手表2 这次是要吸谁的血革谁的命

Amazfit 2 watch body design with ceramic, stainless steel, glass-reinforced polycarbonate, glass of four materials, the body around with 3D laser carbon fiber texture, looks cool. Three buttons are located on the right side of the button, the middle of the button key rebound feedback clear, this is how many traditional watch brands have not done so.

On the back of Amazfit 2 there are four charge contacts and a PPG photoelectric heart rate sensor. Photoelectric heart rate sensor is a diameter of about 17mm, 1mm thick material wrapped. This design is mainly for the optical heart rate sensor can be in direct contact with the skin, reduce the error problem.

开箱 | 华米AMAZFIT智能运动手表2 这次是要吸谁的血革谁的命开箱 | 华米AMAZFIT智能运动手表2 这次是要吸谁的血革谁的命

Hardware Configuration

In the configuration, Amazfit 2 is not lost to the traditional sports watch, it built a 290mAh lithium polymer battery, the official claimed that endurance super. In running 30 minutes a day, pushing 200 messages to reach 5 days; while full GPS, full heart rate monitoring conditions, Amazfit 2 can still provide 35 hours of super life.

In order to provide a strong performance in the motor function, Amazfit 2 equipped with a variety of sensor chip, PPG heart rate sensor for monitoring heart rate changes, three-axis acceleration sensor for motion recording, pressure sensor for recording altitude changes, and built-in low power Consumption of GPS + GLONASS binary positioning system.

开箱 | 华米AMAZFIT智能运动手表2 这次是要吸谁的血革谁的命

In addition, Amazfit 2 is equipped with a gyro, geomagnetic sensor, ambient light sensor, etc., and supports 50 meters waterproof rating.

Amazfit 2 built a 1.2GHz dual-core processor with 512M shipping and 4GB internal storage for smart-function needs.

Its strap is the most common silicone material, soft, smooth, wear no foreign body sensation on the wrist. In addition Amazfit 2 is designed to add a quick release strap watch design, you can quickly change the other color strap.

开箱 | 华米AMAZFIT智能运动手表2 这次是要吸谁的血革谁的命开箱 | 华米AMAZFIT智能运动手表2 这次是要吸谁的血革谁的命

Built-in function

Amazfit 2, featuring both smart and sport watches, is also feature rich in design. On the smart side, Amazfit 2 supports Alipay offline scan code payment, notification message push, sedentary reminder, timer, alarm clock, stopwatch, Himalayan (Android only), Mi-home smart home control (Android only) And other external devices, push the weather information, music features, screen unlock (only supports MIUI 5.0 above) and so on.

If you turn on full time heart rate in your watch, you can also use Amazfit 2 to monitor heart rate changes around the clock.

开箱 | 华米AMAZFIT智能运动手表2 这次是要吸谁的血革谁的命开箱 | 华米AMAZFIT智能运动手表2 这次是要吸谁的血革谁的命

Among the sporting features, Amazfit 2 supports the more versatile sports functions currently available such as jogging, running, walking, cross-country running, indoor running, outdoor riding, indoor riding, elliptical machines, mountaineering, swimming in the swimming pool, Triathlon and so on; support the data center to view the movement records; compass (and altitude, latitude and longitude, pressure data display); heart rate detection (all-day heart rate monitoring, single heart rate); training center; Wait.

Not only that, Amazfit 2 is also equipped with high-level exercise physiology index data assessment, exercise can show core data in real time. After completing the exercise, according to your exercise, combined with Firstbeat motion algorithm, gives a wealth of physical exercise indicators: maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max), exercise effect (TE), exercise load (TD) and recovery time required.

开箱 | 华米AMAZFIT智能运动手表2 这次是要吸谁的血革谁的命开箱 | 华米AMAZFIT智能运动手表2 这次是要吸谁的血革谁的命

Amazfit 2 can be used with the App AMAZFIT on the mobile phone. After pairing, you can synchronize the data in the App, modify the watch settings, import the GPX file, view the motion records and so on.

开箱 | 华米AMAZFIT智能运动手表2 这次是要吸谁的血革谁的命


Amazfit 2 official pricing is 999 yuan, more high-end Amazfit 2S exclusive edition price was only 1499 yuan. The latter is equipped with sapphire mirror and leather strap and fluorine rubber strap. For traditional sports watches frequently 3000 + price, Amazfit 2 is only half the current traditional sports watch after half the price, combined with the more powerful features, it is hard to imagine this will give those who hesitate running fans what impact.

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Via: iranshao.com


I think the current population of Amazfit 2 is mainly focused on the marginalized runners who are affected by the budget. They do not have excessive demands on the function of the sports watch, and the wealth of intelligent functions on the watch can bring convenience to daily life. And those at the heart of running the crowd, Amazfit 2 may have little impact on them, the traditional sports watch brand is still their first choice.

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