OnePlus 6 Edge renderings Exposure: Fingerprint recognition on the screen

一加6 Edge渲染图曝光:屏下指纹识别 标配6GB运存

In the past two years the world’s best mobile phone rankings, OnePlus mobile phone often list, although its sales are small, but its reputation in foreign countries are high.

一加6 Edge渲染图曝光:屏下指纹识别 标配6GB运存

Recently, foreign media broke the news of a group of OnePlus new machine spy photos, from the exposure data, the phone named OnePlus 6 Edge, the main feature is a full screen.

Data show, OnePlus 6 Edge screen size is 6.0 inches, with a full-screen surface design program, the color value is extremely high, the body material is the glass body.

一加6 Edge渲染图曝光:屏下指纹识别 标配6GB运存

In terms of taking pictures, the OnePlus 6 Edge features a rear 19MP + 16MP pixel dual-camera solution, a large aperture of F1.6 and a 16MP pixel front camera.

Compared to previous generations, the OnePlus 6 Edge has greatly changed fingerprinting and will use fingerprinting.

一加6 Edge渲染图曝光:屏下指纹识别 标配6GB运存

In the specific configuration, OnePlus 6 Edge will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, 6GB standard storage, support full-featured NFC, 3.5mm headphone jack, support for fast charge and other functions.

As for the date of sale of the machine, it should be with the OnePlus 6 launched in the summer of 2018, the price should not exceed 3500 yuan.



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