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  • Also “ID bangs screen” iphone X clone! DIM 8S for only 499 yuan

Also “ID bangs screen” iphone X clone! DIM 8S for only 499 yuan

With the introduction of the very expensive iPhone X, the mobile phone cloning market has renewed its vitality once again, and so far many mobile phone companies have launched iPhone X-like products – though these mobile phones are just similar in appearance Attracted countless attention eyes.

Recently, another iPhone X-style looks like a new domestic machine made its debut, this phone called DIM 8S, the aircraft has been started in the e-commerce platform sales, the price is very low.

As with several previous versions of the same product, the DIM 8S also does not use a true full-size, full screen design. The “bangs” above the screen are just a decoration and are surrounded by black fills, The “ID full screen”! In fact, the DIM 8S uses a 16: 9 screen and is rated at 5.5 inches HD (1280 * 720). Although the front design alternative, but Di Mi 8s have a slim thickness and a variety of colors, including black, gold, red and so on.

The basic configuration, DIM 8S equipped with a 1.3GHz main frequency MTK quad-core processor, with 2G RAM +16 G ROM memory and 500 +8 megapixel camera and 2000mAh battery, running Android 6.0 system, integrated face recognition to unlock, application Avatar and other functions, also support the entire network through the network.

The phone has a very cheap pricing, to 499 yuan price for sale.

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