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The new full screen mobile phone OPPO A85 floats out of the water!

People concerned about the OPPO phones presumably all know, no matter the OPPO A79, or the OPPO A73, are equipped with MediaTek latest listing of  MT6763T / helio P23! And according to the information exposed by other channels, the next OPPO A83 to debut the same built-in helio P23 processor, several new products are selected MTK platform, OPPO is indeed a very competent MediaTek partner.

Surprising is: OPPO A85 launched a new phone also surfaced recently, according to the main processor speculation, OPPO A85 still choose P23!

新款全面屏手机OPPO A85浮出水面!

According to the network information, OPPO A85 equipped with the main frequency of 2.5GHz octa-core processor, and A79 / A73 / A83 consistent processor frequency, based on the judgment A85 MTK MT6763T CPU! At this point, not overseas version, OPPO has four products built-in MTK P23.

However, the phone’s other specifications than the other three platform products with lower, exterior design, it with a very thick OPPO style, sleek, with a full screen design, is equipped with a 5.7-inch 1440 * 720 resolution Rate 18: 9 screen, but the aircraft does not seem to integrate fingerprinting programs, because the network photos and no obvious fingerprint key exists.

Other aspects, OPPO A85 has 800 +13 million pixel camera, the memory is 4G + 32G with 3090mAh battery, support for full network communication network, the system version is Android 7.11.

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