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  • The symmetrical design of the Sharkoon SharkForce Pro will allow both hands

The symmetrical design of the Sharkoon SharkForce Pro will allow both hands

The German peripheral manufacturer Sharkoon has just presented the review of its popular Sharkoon SharkForce Pro mouse. With this revision the manufacturer has equipped the mouse with a new optical sensor with higher resolution, and a wider range of colors available for its users . It is a perfect mouse for use in the office and for playing at home. Since its launch, Sharkon SharkForce mice have had a very good reception among users. Thanks to being designed with ergonomics in mind and with a quite minimalist design, they have enjoyed wide acceptance among the general public, which was looking for a raucous and too-resolute reason.

See news 'The symmetrical design of the Sharkoon SharkForce Pro will allow to use both hands'

However, users always more. More features, more colors, more resolution … With the Sharkoo SharkForce Pro, the German brand aims to respond to all these requests that have been sent to them. Probably the aspect in which this mouse has changed the most is in its external design . Where before there was a mouse with a very aggressive design, we now have a mouse with a more relaxed design, suitable for use in the office or at home, since it does not clash in any of those environments (or so the manufacturer says, although I have very clear how it would be to take that mouse to the office with you).

The new Sharkoon mouse will use an optical PixArt sensor PAW3307SL-THST with a maximum resolution of 3200 dpi, something more than enough for the vast majority of users. Especially if you want to use it in office applications, where it does not count too much to have a high resolution. Thanks to its button located in the upper part of the housing, the resolution can be changed on the fly between four different resolutions, being 400 dpi the lowest and 3200 dpi the highest. The SharkForce Pro employs six buttons, with switches manufactured by the prestigious Omron brand under the left and right buttons. Accompanied by a pair of flat buttons located on the left side (used for web browsing), the vertical scroll wheel (which also has an associated button) plus the button used to change the resolution.

In the base reason there is a pair of supports for displacement manufactured in PTFE, which ensures the perfect movement of the mouse over most of the surfaces. The new Sharkoon mouse that is available in stores and should cost about €19.99.

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