Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Purifier 2S Review

High quality and inexpensive Xiaomi Smart Mi air purifier left the deepest impression on consumers. The current annual sales have exceeded 2 million units, one of which is 699 yuan price of Xiaomi Smart Mi air purifier 2. It is absolutely the largest sales. Xiaomi made the “most popular” products updated before the double 11 of 2017and launched the Xiaomi Smart Mi air purifier 2S, priced at 899 yuan, which is 200 yuan more expensive than before.

As for main purification performance, Xiaomi Smart Mi air purifier 2S has no change compared with before. The overall air duct structure is basically the same as before. The largest CADR 310m ³ / h, filter is used as before. The biggest change is the front of the fuselage increased A circular OLED display, and replaced the laser particle sensor. As a consumer, you will certainly ask, what is the relationship between the display and purification capabilities? Am I worth spending 200 yuan for this?

Mi home air purifier 2S is still with the wind design below 360°
Mi home air purifier 2S is still with the wind design below 360°

Appearance and Xiaomi Smart purifier 2 are basically the same. The top is still a single button operation

The body size of Xiaomi Smart Mi air purifier 2S maintain the same as Xiaomi Smart air purifier 2. The most obvious difference from the appearance is the fuselage round OLED display, instead of the original upper right corner of the gear indicator and Below the air quality indicator. This screen is similar to the previous Mi home air purifier Pro, The difference is that the Pro screen ring show the air quality by ring full circle. 2S is only a horizontal strip, personally I think that Pro is actually more attractive.

This OELD display can show the current PM2.5 concentration, temperature and humidity, purifier working stalls, and will show the remaining life of the filter at boot time. From the point of view, this screen is better than nothing, but if not, it will not cause any inconvenience.

Laser sensor is one of the most accurate and convenient methods to measure the concentration of air pollution particles. Many air purifiers with PM2.5 concentration in the market are available with laser sensors. The cost of a good laser sensor is still very high, you only look at the meter PM2.5 detector. The price will be 399 yuan and a lot are more expensive than this. I also talked to a friend who researched and developed the mi-meter air purifier for Xiaomi air purifier before. The 699 yuan Xiaomi air purifier 2 was almost sold at the cost price with almost no profit. Therefore, from a cost point of view, Xiaomi Smart Mi air purifier 2S with an increase of OELD display and a change of the laser sensor is 200 yuan more expensive than before. But it is not incomprehensible.

The back of the fuselage laser particle sensor
The back of the fuselage laser particle sensor

Xiaomi Smart Mi air purifier 2S laser sensor can detect the smallest PM0.3 pollution particles. With our professional detector data contrast, the pollutant display calibration is still accurate. In addition to displaying the pollution concentration on the screen, Replacing a better laser detector has another possible benefit: “Automated mode efficiency can be optimized with more accurate pollutant concentration data.” To put it plainly, Xiaomi air purifier 2 may not be so accurate for the measurement of pollutant concentration, resulting in an inability to effectively control the purifier to work at the highest efficiency based on this data, resulting in a slow purification or failing to switch to low gear to avoid noise.

In the same environment, we compare Xiaomi air purifier 2 with Xiaomi Smart Mi air purifier 2S. The curve shown in the figure can be seen in the automatic mode, Xiaomi Smart Mi air purifier 2S purify the initial work Efficiency is higher than Xiaomi purifier 2, with the concentration of pollutants decreased,Xiaomi Smart Mi air purifier 2S also gradually reduced the working speed, at 15 minutes, Xiaomi Smart Mi air purifier 2S also go faster into the quieter mode of operation than Xiaomi air purifier 2. Although from the time point of view, both will be reduced the indoor air quality to PM2.5 concentration 35 choice in 21 minutes, but from the automatic work “smart” , Xiaomi Smart Mi air purifier is better.

Material is commonly used with the Xiaomi air purifier before.
Material is commonly used with the Xiaomi air purifier before

In terms of power consumption, noise, intelligence, there is no obvious difference between Xiaomi Smart air purifier 2S and Xiaomi air purifier 2 before. Sum up is:

  • 1, the noise at full speed is slightly larger, but it hardly needs to run at full speed in the daily use of the environment , so it has little effect.
  • 2, Sleeping stall noise is very low, so it does not affect sleep, the lowest file CADR is still not marked, but the measured can maintain confined air quality of 15 square meters bedroom in excellent condition.
  • 3, low power consumption, no special care.
  • 4, intelligent control access Xiaomi Smart App. It can linkage with the full set of equipment of Xiaomi smart home. It is undoubtedly the first among the same level of intelligence products
  • 5, filter is universal among Xiaomi Air purifier 2, Mi home purifier Pro universal. Basic filter is 149 yuan, in addition to formaldehyde filter for 169 yuan.

Xiaomi Smart Mi air purifier 2S, is it worth buying?

I am an old user of Xiaomi Smart Mi air purifier, the bedroom has been using Xiaomi Smart Mi air purifier 2. The study is used Mi home air purifier Pro. From my experience, even the cheapest Xiaomi air purification 2,can also meet my purification needs in the bedroom. Now in the situation of closing the window to sleep on fall and winter night, Xiaomi air purifier 2 even in sleep mode can control the indoor air at excellent levels. Do not worry about the purification capacity is not enough or noise pollution problems.

Whether Xiaomi air purifier 2 or the new Xiaomi Smart Mi air purifier 2S, 310m³ / h of CADR value, the most suitable environment for use is the bedroom instead of the living room. So if your bedroom is not very large, then Xiaomi Smart Mi air purifier 2S is small enough with its enough purification capacity. It is indeed a very cost-effective choice.


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