VISUO XS809HW Foldable 2.4G Selfie Drone deals with coupon

VISUO XS809HW Foldable 2.4G Selfie Drone deals with coupon

The design is inevitably reminiscent of DJI’s high-priced drone, but beyond that, the two models have little in common. What she (and what not), we have summarized for you.

The VISUO XS809W is a compact camera drone with foldable arms, but despite its similar design, it should not be confused with the expensive Mavic Pro . The equipment is much more economical and corresponds to that of other drones in the range 50 € +. There is an associated app that can be used to transfer a live image of the built-in 720p camera to the smartphone. Here, however, inevitably the low range of the WLAN signal will make a real FPV experience a dash through the bill.

A praise must be made for the design, because the VISUO looks cool. The fact that you have looked at a lot here at DJI, definitely pays off. In my personal opinion, one could have been a little more economical with the golden imprints, but they do not cloud the overall impression.

VISUO XS809HW Foldable 2.4G Selfie Drone deals with coupon

The unfolding of the arms works even after a dozen times still problem-free, the joints rest almost noiseless, but stable. Unfortunately, one notices, however, that this is a drone for 40 and not 400 euros, because she feels very, very “cheap”. The interior is largely hollow, the plastic thin and very light, and one has with closed eyes inevitably the feeling of holding a children’s toys in the hands. But that should not hide the fact that the processing is very good for these conditions.

Finally, there is a more or less large (depending on personal weighting) criticism. The SD card slot on the bottom is – and I say that as nice as possible – pretty crap. He has no automatic spring ejection , as has EVERY SD slot, and to remove the card after plugging it took me 10 minutes time. So far, I have not screwed up the drone and I’m not even sure that hides under the disguise even a card slot. If I make progress here, I will supplement the article accordingly, so far my conclusion is that video recordings on a memory card with the drone are not possible .

The phrase “anyone who can read is clearly at an advantage” comes from someone, and this is not one of the cases where this is particularly important. I already wondered when unpacking why the left stick of the remote control in a drone with Altitude Hold has no fixed starting position in the middle. I did not think about it until I did not get any reaction on the first flight, even if the take-off button was pressed several times, and then had a look at the manual, where the passage told me hold version. ” Long story short: There are two versions of the drone, the XS809W and the XS809HW . Only the latter possesses the aforementioned Altitude Hold function, so I can not make any further statements on this.

Now it was unusual to fly a drone without this function after a long time, nevertheless the test flight was fun. Although the VISUO reacts very sensitively to the regulation of the height, it moves quite fast in the horizontal. Given the necessary instinct, the drone can be controlled very precisely.

VISUO XS809HW Foldable 2.4G Selfie Drone deals with coupon

The 900mAh battery is nearly enough for the specified ten minutes flight time, which is a pleasing good value. The battery is also interchangeable (now there are spare batteries in the 3-pack ). For the camera, apart from the restriction by the WiFi connection, that 0.3 MP experience is not good for beautiful shots, but sufficient for FPV on the smartphone display. If you opt for the upgrade variant XS809HW (which I would advise anyone because of Altitude Hold), however, gets a 2 MP camera (720p), which makes at least somewhat better pictures.

All in all, the VISUO XS809W is more reminiscent of Skytech’s TK110 (here’s our test) , which also relies on the foldable design and has similar features. As expected, she joins the ranks of average budget leisure drones. Above all, the good battery and the ability to replace it is a clear plus.


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