Onda C270 All-in-one PC Desktop deals for $389,99

Onda C270 23.8 inch Curved All-in-one PC Desktop DOS 7th Gen Intel Celeron Processor 3865U Dual Core 1.8GHz 4GB RAM 120GB SSD HDMI

Today we are visited by an old acquaintance who has accompanied us throughout the growth of this page, perhaps not as active as we would have liked to many of us, but even so it stays on the sidelines, we are dealing with the Chinese manufacturer Onda, a company that specializes in technology, from Tablets and Laptops, to PCs. A vivid example of the above mentioned would be the Onda V10 Pro, an incredible device that offers a lot of functions and now to continue with our protagonist, we have the Onda C270, a PC that is profiled with fantastic features accompanied by an exuberant offer that only Gearbest can provide, so stay with us until the end to know how to enjoy it.

The Onda C270 is a PC that boasts a rather particular design, since this beauty encompasses all its splendour in a single space. To begin with, it doesn’t maintain the classic design of common PCs, which are divided into monitor and CPU, instead of the aforementioned, the manufacturer offers us a device that is capable of bringing together everything needed in the same space, both for convenience and symmetry, which is why this PC is presented as a great monitor, which contemplates both the screen and the CPU, all in one computer.

The C270 Wave has a 23.8-inch LED display with a resolution of 1920×1080, in other words, we are dealing with a Full HD 1080P quality. This screen delights us with a 16:9 image display and finally the colors of the screen are incredibly vivid and sharp with fascinating contrasts that enhance its quality.

The C270 Wave C270 comes with a technical section that offers a great performance, which is supported by an Intel processor, specifically the Intel Celeron 3865U, it has 2 cores at a frequency of 1.8GHz with 2MB of cache memory. For the graphics card we have an Intel HD Graphics 610 with a frequency of 300MHz – 900MHz, this is combined with a RAM memory of 4GB DDR4, which is distributed in 2 slot and can support a maximum of 32GB, while for the memory ROM we will enjoy 120GB.

Onda C270 23.8 inch Curved All-in-one PC Desktop DOS 7th Gen Intel Celeron Processor 3865U Dual Core 1.8GHz 4GB RAM 120GB SSD HDMI

The C270 Wave only supports a network connection via an Ethernet cable, which offers us great stability and fluidity, but the latter will also depend to a large extent on our Internet provider, the only detail that we have latent in this section is the fact that it does not have any network card, so we do not have wireless connections, somewhat disappointing to tell the truth.

Currently we can buy the C270 Wave in Gearbest with an incredible discount of 73%, literally surpassing all our expectations by far, so its final price will be just $389.99, in exchange would be €330. Like any offer, there is a time limit on it, so we must hurry if we want to take advantage of it.

Buy Onda C270 for $389.99 at GearBest.com

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