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At some past time we have referred to Xiaomi and its need to say present in almost every technological category that exists, even in accessories and peculiar themes that many companies do not even consider. For example, it already has a catalog of intelligent toothbrushes in constant renovation, such is the case of the most recent Xiaomi Oclean SE.

Xiaomi Oclean SE is the new intelligent toothbrush that is presented as an optimal alternative in performance and comfort of use, all to achieve clean the teeth, whiten them, massage the gums, prevent tooth decay and remove plaque or annoying spots of teeth. coffee. Also, its operation allows personalization through an App for mobile devices.

Although its construction is thought to be quite accessible in price for most users, the materials chosen correspond to very good quality alternatives. Strictly its creation is based on American bristles manufactured by DuPont Tynex Brilliance, while the head of the brush is rust-free, is respectful with the environment and healthy for people by not scratching the gums or damaging the surface.

As for its aesthetic style, its design is oriented to be compact and in a single body that makes all the pieces come together perfectly. In addition, the IPX7 classification logically makes it waterproof so that the user is not afraid to place it on wet areas and clean it in a traditional way.

The official dimensions of Xiaomi Oclean SE correspond to 25.00 x 3.00 x 3.00 cm and its weight to 155 grams. Its commercialization is only available in a single white color with bristles in blue tonality.

The high frequency of sonic vibration of 40000 beats per minute and a strong torsional power of 270 gf.cm make the power of this model transmit efficiently to the head of the brush. The power drives the water and foam of the toothpaste to form the strength of the pulse and thus effectively clean the space between the teeth where the plate is located.

On the other hand, have been added to several sensors that are constantly dedicated to measuring the time of brushing, angles, pressure and gesture, something that can be very useful to know for every user. This type of information is stored in an application for mobile devices and at any time you can access feedback reports on brushing to improve the habit of cleaning in the future.

To connect the Xiaomi Oclean SE to any mobile device it is only necessary that the terminal has an Android 4.4 Kit Kat or iOS 8.0 or later operating system. This synchronization occurs through the Bluetooth 4.2 BLE standard and the application includes many functions to customize the brushing mode according to daily habits and cleaning needs.

With more than 72 types of personalized and free cleaning programs , there is no lack of details such as scaling, dental braces or special care during pregnancy, all to maintain the health care of the gums. Everything is distributed by 3 cleaning modes x 4 power levels, ie 12 types of variants that include cleaning, whitening and massage.

Finally, in comparison with other toothbrushes, Oclean SE achieves a complete load in only 6 hours by means of a magnetic system, thus giving an autonomy of approximately 15 to 20 hours. If you brush your teeth twice during the day with 2 minute processes, in total there are 60 days of continuous operation.

In conclusion, if you have to travel outside the home you do not even need to carry the recharging device, because you will most likely have enough energy to clean your teeth every day. Even, your App indicates at all times the remaining charge.

To buy the Xiaomi Oclean SE it is already possible to do it from different online stores, such is the example of Gearbest that offers an interesting discount coupon ” ocleanSE$3 ” valid from December 11 until December 18 to lower its original price in 3 dollars.

Buy Xiaomi Oclean SE For $46.99 at GearBest.com

Copy this coupon: ocleanSE$3


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