Dikale 05A 3D Pen Review

There is a myth story called ” Magic Pen MaLiang” in China. In ancient times, a boy named Ma liang has a “magic pen”, using it to draw anything on a piece of paper, and then it can become a reality. Now 3D printing pen can be written in the air, and help you put your imagination free from a sheet of paper. We all think that two-dimensional image is not vivid enough, and we want to make it into a 3D object, 3D Pen can help you to do it.

Today, I want to introduce a 3D Pen to you, named Dikale 05A. 3D printing pen is suitable for children to use, and can bear witness to the principle of 3D printing technology and magic effects.

Packaging and appearance

Packaging appearance: simplicity and environmental protection, we can see the 3D printing pen and accessories neat and organized from transparent front. Above the box has a portable handle, convenient to carry.

● Product Model: DKL-05A
● Brand Name: Dikale
● Suitable Filament: PLA/ABS
● Nozzle Size: 0.6mm
● Pen Size: 186mm(length), 36.6mm(diameter)
● Pen Weight: 72g
● Voltage: 5V-2A
● Power: 10W
● Operating Temperature: 170℃-210℃
● Product Certification: CE ROHS FCC


DKL-05A: oval-shaped fuselage by hard white plastic cover, take it in your hand is very light, the way of using DKL-05A is the same as the ordinary pen, which is very simple. In close to the position of the tip, you will see a rubber arrow key, they will help you to control the plastic Wells from the tip of the speed. Above button is a little OLED light.

The tip of DKL-05A pen is made of metal, through heat to melt the plastic. Due to the temperature will be very high when it works, the user should avoid to contact this part. In order to avoid the user’s fingers burned, The tip of DKL-05A has a rubber cap, covering most of the tip. But even so, there are a small portion of the tip exposed, so we must be particularly careful when using it, especially when the user is children.

It is worth mentioning: DKL-05A’s design accord with human body engineering, left-handed can also operate it, which is a very humanization design!

Operation process

When we open the box, It is very surprised to see that the pen is such a lovely delicate, and there is no difference with ordinary pen. The design of the product is also very lightweight and simple (the pen is only one button).

The first step is to connect the printing pen and USB interface. This is Dikale 3D pen series new design style, make the print pen really convenient and easy to use. As long as you use the USB connection, you can enjoy it anytime and anywhere. Printing pen can also be connected to the socket, but It isn’t convenient.

It also points that DKL-05A 3D printing pen supports “one-click operation”, which is very convenient and simple.

Dikale 3D Pen CHALLENGE video


After that, we tried more 3D printing, and the finished products were beautiful. After mastering the trick of using this pen, more and more finished products are more refined and neat.

All in all, Dikale 05A 3D Pen has indeed met our expectations as a product of such economic and security. It is easy to operate, easy to use, safe and reliable, and ergonomic. This is a great 3D printing pen, especially if you’re just beginning to contact 3D printing or want to give your child a safe Christmas present, which is definitely worth recommending.

Where to buy

3D Pen for Kids – Dikale 05A


This is going to provide an epic surprise for kiddos. This 3d pen turns on and heats up in under a minute before it is ready for the filament. Make sure you have your filament cut at a straight edge so that it loads correctly. The cat design adds a nice touch for a kid friendly look. It is easy to charge and comes with a few patterns.

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