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All information about the new Xiaomi Huami Amazfit 2S smartwatch

Xiaomi is a brand that wants to eat the world, and this is demonstrated by its arrival in Spain officially, that although we do not know what will stay there, but will continue to expand. Today we see that the Chinese company launches a new Amazfit smartwatch of second generation, and we tell you all the news of this new smart watch.

Xiaomi with smartwatches has a pending task, and is to make a smart watch big without Android Wear, which is now one of the most advanced systems next to Apple and Samsung, so you have to create an ecosystem from scratch. The good thing is that it is on the right track, and although it still lacks, it limits the margin for improvement and improves with each renewal.

Amazfit is Xiaomi’s smart watch line, but with another name. We do not know the reason but they try to separate the communication of both brands, as if it were completely another brand, a movement that we have seen, for example, with OPPO and OnePlus, being OnePlus created from Oppo.

Xiaomi Amazfit 2S Features

This Huami Amazfit 2S has a screen with 2.5D glass, made of carbon fiber, a reinforced leather strap and more premium materials than the old generation. It has two buttons to the sides to interact with the operating system, something that we had seen in other versions of the watch.

It is resistant to water up to 50 meters, and has a new water mode that allows us to identify where we are swimming, whether in a pool as a sport or in open water. Xiaomi knows that competitors like Samsung or Fitbit have already incorporated swimming modes and do not want to be left behind. You can collect up to 11 types of sports, including swimming, running, cycling or hiking.

Other details to comment is that it has a range of up to 5 days without GPS, and with GPS a duration of 35 hours, beating the competition. It allows us to run races of up to 100 km without the need to charge the watch. It has support for heart rate. It has Bluetooth to control Xiaomi’s own home devices, to have a smart home.

Huami Amazfit 2S price and availability

As we always say with this type of products, it has only been released in China, but we believe that it will arrive in Spain now that the arrival of Xiaomi here has been made official. It has been put on sale now in China with a price of $130 to change, if it comes, would be close to $200 due to taxes and more costs. They have also launched a Premium version that costs $200 to change, which we do not believe will arrive officially, but through import stores.

Via: amazfit.com

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