Xiaomi Mi Note 4 concept image exposure

The most beautiful of Xiaomi cell phones are Xiaomi Mix 2 and Xiaomi Note 3. Xiaimi mix 2 appeared in a full screen version 2.0, stunning Quartet. The Xiaomi note 3 is completely adopted Xiaomi mi6 appearance. Is also very beautiful, with four curved glass looks good. Recently, some netizens drying out the concept of Xiaomi Note 4, the appearance is even more stunning than mix2.


This Xiaomi note 4 with Xiaomi 6 appearance, a further upgrade, with a higher screen share, with rear vertical double camera. Although still a concept map, but still looks very beautiful, with aluminum frame. Especially the front and rear glass of the four surface material, but also adds a sense of beauty and texture, you want Xiaomi note 4 is the appearance of it?


In the era of full-screen, mobile phones look more and more similar, for example, Huawei mate 10 and Samsung note 8 mobile phone looks more similar. Due to the increasing proportion of screen, in addition to the big screen, there is almost no other place to show the personality of mobile phone manufacturers. This Xiaomi note 4 Which phone do you feel like now?


Xiaomi note 3 (including Xiaomi mi 6) is a very beautiful phone, Xiaomi note 4 is to play to the extreme. I really hope Xiaomi note 4 released next year is this appearance!


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