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PomeIo P5 Electric Skateboard

The PomeIo P5 Electric Skateboard comes with 2 very powerful motors of 160W each, maxing out 35km/h. Also designed for big guys, in fact it can hold up to 120kg load. It offers a 17 degree grade ability so it is easy to handle on almost any terrain. The removable 5800mAh battery can give you enough juice for up to 20km so it can be used as your daily commute method especially in big, high traffic metropolitan areas. But not only, also for fun is a very addictive tech-toy even though it has a more professional vibe. The battery also comes with a USB port so you can also charge your tech gear on the go like your smartphone or cameras. The average charging time is at about 2-3 hours.

The remote control is also powered by a 380mAh Li-ion battery which can be fully charged in only 20 minutes. From the remote you can of course adjust the speed (speed up or slow down) and has two different modes: Professional and Beginner. The connection between the board and the remote is Bluetooth.

PomeIo P5 2 x 160W Motors 8cm 4-wheel Electric Skateboard Slide Board with Remote Control

PomeIo P5 Main Features:
● Powerful dual 2 x 160W motors, 35km/h max speed, gradeability up to 17 degree, uneven land can not stop your journey
● 5800mAh battery ( included in package ), max 20km mileage, no need to worry about powerless situation on the way to destination
● With USB port in battery, designed for charging electric devices, like mobile phone, power bank and so on
● Remote control for adjusting speed, with professional mode and beginner mode
● 8cm solid rubber wheel, wear-resistant and durable to use in different ground
● Detachable battery, it can be non-electric skateboard and lower the weight
● Maple + glass fiber board with anti-slip design
● Power of remote control: 380mAh Li-ion battery ( included in product ), 3 months standby time after USB charging 0.2h

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