Vkworld Mix Plus Review

After the hype surrounding the Xiaomi Mi Mix, the mobile phone market is almost overflowing with no-edge smartphones. After Bluboo, Leagoo and Maze, Vkworld has also released its model: the new Vkworld Mix Plus. But is the interior as attractive as the exterior on these phones? We have subjected it to a detailed practical test and put it to the acid review.


In addition to the smartphone, the Vkworld Mix Plus comes with a micro USB charging cable with adapter, a quick-start guide and a rubber sleeve with screen protector . This also makes sense because the glass back is very slippery.

The Vkworld Mix Plus is pleasantly light with 165g and gives you the feeling of quality. With dimensions of 143 x 74 x 9 mm , the smartphone is housed within the framework of a 5.2-inch mobile phone. Overall, the smartphone is very comfortable in the hand and can also be just one-handed use. The topic of design was not saved here. The back is made of glass and a matte cut black metal frame make the Vkworld Mix Plus look very good. In the middle of the back of the Vkworld Mix Plus you will find a round fingerprint sensor in easy reach. The camera and fingerprint sensor were individually integrated into a round socket as in the Xiaomi Mi Mix. All this makes a very high quality and well made impression.

Antenna strips are only very discreet on the lower edge. Soft-touch-buttons are unfortunately in vain, even if the lower edge of the smartphone with 1.7 centimeters appears very wide. Here both the selfie camera and the sensors were installed. The On screen buttons let the whole display of course be smaller, but can also be hidden if necessary. It is advertised with a bezel-less display, a screen without visible edges. But in reality, small margins of 3 millimeters can be found here. Also at the top of the screen, the frame is 4 millimeters wide, but also houses the earphone.

A notification LED was not installed, Access to the 2850 mAh battery is restricted due to the metal housing conditionally. Volume rocker and power button are, as usual, on the right side and are color matched to the frame. Both are made of plastic, but still convey a premium feeling. The seat and pressure point of the buttons is very pleasant and high quality. On the left side is the SIM card slot that can house either two Nano-SIM or a Nano-SIM and a Micro-SD. We can not explain why the Vkworld Mix Plus did not use a USB Type-C connection. Here you can access the well-known micro-USB port. 3.5mm jack for headphones and USB port were installed at the top, at the bottom edge, however, the microphone and the speaker.


The display of the Vkworld Mix Plus measures 5.5 inches with a resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels, ie HD quality. The IPS display with Corning Gorilla Glass Protection still delivers pleasantly sharp images. Individual pixels can only be recognized by a close look. The contrast is amazingly good, as is the brightness. Inside, the automatic controls everything perfectly and even outdoors you can not complain. The viewing angle stability is completely convincing. The glass above the screen, however, reflects strong in the field and this makes it hard to use despite good brightness. The 10 touch points of the display showed no weaknesses.


When it comes to processors, Vkworld relies on the MTK6737 processor with four cores at 1.3 GHz clock speed. A slight heat can unfortunately be detected on the top of the smartphone during use. The heart of the smartphone, combined with the 3GB of memory, provides enough power to run everyday applications. However, if you want to play high-resolution 3D games, you will often notice lags and loading times. The values ​​of the benchmark test are in the usual range of this price range. The system generally runs smoothly if you set the animations in the settings to 1.5 times. The speed of the built-in memory modules is good overall. The RAM is average fast with 3 GB/s.


The Vkworld Mix Plus was equipped with an 8 megapixel camera, which interpolates the images to 13 megapixels. Unfortunately, the results are not comparable with a true 13 megapixel sensor. Especially in bad light you can see the blur and the faint color fidelity. The photos appear slightly greyish and the colors are matte overall. So here we can not give a plus point. Even the front camera with its 5 megapixels does hardly better work. The photos are out of focus and color faint. The dynamic range has clear weaknesses in both cameras. So you have to decide, if you prefer to focus on light or dark spots. The other part of the picture is under- or overexposed.

The auto-focus, however, works fast and mostly reliable. The tripping time is less than half a second. Unfortunately, the video recording lacks the possibility to take 4k shots. Unfortunately, the 1080p videos are not necessarily convincing and are quickly noisy. With louder noises then the microphone makes relatively fast limp and takes only a creaking on. An image stabilization is also sought in vain, which is why moving videos are hardly possible.


When it comes to connectivity, however, the Vkworld Mix Plus scores again. 2G, 3G and 4G bands are well represented, including Band 20, providing almost perfect coverage.

Microphone and loudspeakers work excellently and there were hardly any problems with hands free talking either. The WIFI module (802.11 b / n / g – 2.4G) works without any weaknesses and convinces with a good range. There is no NFC interface. A likewise stable connection is possible via Bluetooth 4.0. The speaker is good to use at medium volume, but if you want to turn it up, the whole thing starts to clatter. The 3.5mm jack connection, there is nothing to complain about the sound quality. The Vkworld Mix Plus has shown no major problems with GPS navigation. At higher speeds it sometimes happened that the position was not exactly accurate for a short time, but that is no obstacle. In this smartphone, the standard sensors (acceleration, brightness and proximity sensor) were installed.


The 5.5 inch Vkworld Mix Plus is powered by a 2850mAh battery. The charging time is just under 2.5 hours and is thus completely within limits. Although 2850mAh is not necessarily the largest capacity on the market, it still gives you a good day. In the PCMark battery test, the device reached a running time of average 5.5 hours at medium brightness. This may be a bit short for some power users, but the average user is well served. Distributed throughout the day, the phone can be used for 4 hours. A two-day useful life is thus hardly possible.

Buy Vkworld Mix Plus For $105.99


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