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The Xiaomi VIOMI MH1Z maintains an aesthetic and simple style, a key feature when talking about Xiaomi products. For starters, it adopts the same symmetry as a common jug, this is because the manufacturer tries to make this filter as easy and comfortable to use as our conventional kitchen accessory. It is available in a single color, black, although to be more precise it is only the lid, while for the rest of its design we will appreciate a transparent structure, but this has its reason for being, because thanks to this we can see all the filtering process from beginning to end, therefore we will feel much more secure when ingesting it. This filter has some dimensions: 26.50 x 14.50 x 26.20 cm and a weight of: 1 kg, so we are looking for a perfectly portable product wherever we want to take it.

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In the lower part we will find the on / off button, we will also have an ultra violet light (UV) that will serve to sterilize the water better, next to it we will locate a USB port, with which we can recharge our filter. It is made of ABS plastic, a material showing himself to be both shock resistant and falls as immaculate, a key quality in a product for food use, in fact, this filter has a certificate of approval guaranteeing that’s what sufficiently clean and sterilefor human consumption use. Already to finish at the top the lid comes with a small slot that will make it easier to pour water from it without having to remove it, which is why it will be much more comfortable to use in every way.

Xiaomi VIOMI MH1Z Features

  • It has 7 filters that have a 99.99% chance of retaining all types of batting.
    The filters are made of carbon and resin, which will greatly improve your work.
    It has an ultra violet light (UV), it can sterilize up to 99.99% of the impurities that are in the water.

Price and where to buy it?

Currently we can buy the Xiaomi VIOMI MH1Z in Gearbest with an incredible discount, all we have to do is apply the following coupon ( cybermonday138 ), so that the final price will be only $49.99.


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