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OnePlus 5T

OnePlus is an emerging company, which is becoming famous for offering flagship-level specifications at affordable prices. Initially, he started selling his smartphones only through an invitation system where customers receive an invitation to buy the phones in a stipulated time. However, to the liking of many, lately it has also annexed the open sales of its terminals. This time we present your new addition, the OnePlus 5T, a successor of the OnePlus 5, which we are sure will captivate everyone. Below is a review of its features, specifications and functions.

This smartphone is made entirely of metal, specifically aluminum. It has no rivets, the surface of both the screen and the back panel are smooth and smooth. This creates an unmistakable sense of durability, in addition to ensuring that the 5T is functional and visually slim. In addition, the edges are noticeably more curved than its predecessor and is larger but not too much.

Unlike 5, it is only available in black, although the company does not rule out that it will later launch a golden or slightly lighter variant. The impressive appearance of the OnePlus 5T is remarkable, while providing a comfortable grip. With the Alert Slider, you can switch between settings without having to take out your phone, which allows you to control notifications easily. Regarding its dimensions, they are 156.1 x 75 x 7.3mm, and weigh 162g.

It works with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor with eight numbers at 2.45 GHz, which provides power and speed, accompanied by the incredible Adreno 540 graphics unit. It will be at the level of executing demanding applications and games, while maintaining an efficient use of energy.

With regards to cameras, the OnePlus 5T includes a dual primary of 16.0MP + 20.0MP on the back; while on the front it has a 16.0MP sensor. Both are optimized to capture clear photographs (even in low light) and high-quality self-portraits.

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