The keys to know if an app is safe or dangerous

know if app is safe on android

Unfortunately, in the Play Store we still find some other app with malware. This should not happen considering that it is an official application store. However, Google is much more permissive with developers than Apple.

It is not surprising that sometimes we find apps that should not be in the Google Play Store and that last 4 days. But it’s enough time to infect some users … So, to help you, we’ll give you some tips to know if an Android application is safe or dangerous . Do not miss them!

Know if an Android app is safe or dangerous

The first thing is to install the apps from the Play Store. As we say, many times malicious apps are leaked, but more than 95% should be safe. So the probability that you’re safe is high. But there is more:

  • Be careful with the name of the app . Do not trust the apps that promise impossible things, such as those that give away gems in Clash Royale. It is usually a scam to deceive the user in some way or make him lose time directly.
  • Look closely at the note and comments . If they have bad grades and horrible comments, it is clear that it is a scam. Or at least, of something that does not do what it promises.

Now we have Google Protect. Some people say that it leaves a lot to be desired, but better than nothing … What it does is analyze the app that you are going to install or update the Play Store and tell you if it is safe. If it lets you install it without problems, it is that in principle it is 100% safe.

Do not trust apps that request many permissions

It is usually a sign that the developer has a double intention. In many cases, there are apps that ask for strange permissions that should not be used. The objective is to collect information from the user without being aware of it.

  • If you have questions, you can ask or search Google. Always help!

Beware of APKs

Pages like are totally reliable sources for downloading APK files. However, it is important to trust the APK files you find on unreliable pages. Many users take a slice showing APKs that do not yet exist, so that others look for them and thus infect them in some way. Either with malware, with advertising to get money, etc.


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