WLtoys A959-B RC Car with 70KM/h High Speed @rcmoment for coupon

The A959-B is an upgraded version of the high-speed A959 RC Car toy, This new improved version of the WLToys A959-B RC car is a fully proportional 1/18 scale RC car that incorporates a powerful air-cooled 540 class engine and makes it up to 70Km/h in just a few seconds! It is an engine designed for a long life to improve the overall durability and stability of the car.

The A959-B comes fully assembled in a nice branded box, I prefer the previous version box due to the compact and neat packaging, but the new one is also ok. The packaging notes all the A series models, they are all based on the same body and parts, the differences are body cover, wheels, and some plastic pumpers. On the package is sais 70kmh , I was doubted it, but after seeing the upgraded gears and did a first run with it, seems like it does get to 70kmh or a least very close to it. The A959-B comes RTR encoding remote control, 1400mah battery, 800mah charger, And a user guide.

This Wltoys A959-B remote control car comes fully assembled and ready to run. It also includes everything necessary for its operation: 2.4Ghz long range and interference-free, a LiPo 2S (7.4V) 1400mAh battery that guarantees a range of 10 to 15 minutes, and a charger. The battery is fully accessible and can be removed and put with ease, so you can have extra batteries to change it in a moment and continue with the fun. In short, this RC car will leave you amazed, thanks to its high speed and great ability to adapt to any terrain (dirt road, field, even sand) you will experience the great pleasure of driving to radio control. Do not be afraid of its maximum speed: This four-wheel drive RC car is complete with radio system, forward and reversing electronic speed control, and a simple charger which is all included in this easy to drive and enjoyable RC controlled car!

If you are interested in Wltoys A959-B, Now, I have a coupon for you just cost $64 can get it from rcmoment.com. The original price is $69.99. Copy this coupon: 8934D


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