Redpawz R011 Mini FPV drone for $62.99

Drones FPV glasses are expensive, difficult to fly and only something for professionals? I thought so too, until I discovered this mini model. The Redpawz R011 allows (at least in theory) even beginners a simple entry into flying with a FPV glasses, for a price of about $60. Sounds promising.

Redpawz R011 FPV drone

Model Redpawz R011
Dimensions 83.5 x 83.5 x 42.2 mm
Weight 20 g (without battery)
Battery pack 3.7 V / 200 mAh
5 minutes flight time
Camera 120 ° angle
Features FPV glasses

Design & Processing

At first glance, the Redpawz looks like an ordinary mini drone with a camera, and reminds me visually especially of the FuriBee that I tested in October (The Redpawz looks a bit “nastier”). The rotors are not exposed but are completely protected. The battery is located on the bottom and can be removed and replaced.

The cover consists only of thin plastic, as one is used to from other drones. Nevertheless, it is not easy to break something because of the low weight, but the drone does not feel stable either. This is particularly noticeable when connecting the battery on the bottom, because you have to exert some pressure on the housing and the board. Especially when pulling out you have to be careful, but with a bit of tact and patience it works.

flight characteristics

Normally I would call this point the most important, here it is exceptionally only the second most important behind the FPV function. The mini-drone but meets all expectations and flies quietly and stable in calm weather / indoors. Small downer: There is no Altitude Hold function, so the height must be continuously adjusted manually with the left stick.

Redpawz R011 drone FPV glasses

Somersaults are possible and succeed as well as headless fashion. But if you want to use the glasses, you will do without all these functions anyway.

Battery pack

A few words about the battery: As I said, it’s not easy to connect and disconnect, but it’s still interchangeable. Around five minutes flying time are not much, and especially in the FPV flight would like to have a little more time. The battery is charged in about half an hour.

Camera and FPV function

Here begins the special part. Of course, FPV is nothing new anymore and FPV Racing has long been a sport practiced in tournaments and leagues. Nevertheless, for most hobby pilots or beginners this may still be new territory, especially when flying with glasses and not just on display. Since a small pair of glasses is included here, you can almost start out of the box.

Redpawz R011 mini FPV drone

The glasses are quite small, but sit comfortably thanks to soft foam edges on the nose and can be attached to the head with the included straps. A long press on the power button switches on the glasses, a short press starts the frequency search. When the drone is on, it takes a few seconds before the image from the camera is transmitted to the 3-inch display in the glasses. In addition, the brightness, contrast and color saturation of the image can then be adjusted. Already in the standard settings the picture is sharp with sufficient brightness very well to recognize. Occasionally there is a strong flicker in the picture during flight, but it never lasts long.

Redpawz R011 mini FPV drone

And then you can really just try carefully or just fly away. Thanks to the small size, the risk of injury is quite low, so you can fly safely. For racing drones, I had problems navigating the screen at high speeds, but here I found it very easy to learn. And if you fly around for the first time with the drone and watch through the glasses while you control the former, that’s a cool effect.


A short test for the time being, which I will extend to other pictures and some text passages in the coming days. What I can already say is that the FPV function of the drone is definitely interesting, if you have not tried anything comparable so far. The transfer works well and the image can be seen in sufficiently high resolution. Only the somewhat short duration of flight with one battery charge is a clear shortcoming. How high the range of the transmission is and how more inexperienced pilots can cope with the Redpawz, I will still find out and add here shortly. Until then, a very positive first impression from my side.


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