MEIIGOO NOTE 8 – a smartphone clone from Galaxy note 8


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2. Duration: DEC 11 @ 10:00 (UTC) -DEC 17 @ 10:00 (UTC)
3. The 1st and 100th Paid Orders daily from @10:00(UTC) will be 100% FREE.
4. The winners wil receive a $159.99 Gift Card.
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Activity page:

MEIIGOO NOTE 8 … It’s no surprise that Meigoo is about to release his smartphone with his Samsung Galaxy Note 8 look. Obviously, he will not be equipped like the Samsung Galaxy note 8. But it can largely make the joke with the location of its rear sensors and his fingerprint reader. What the Meigoo Note 8 offers, we will discover it right away.

The Meigoo Note 8 is equiped with a 5.99-inch IPS panel with an 18: 9 ratio and a good FHD+ resolution (2160 × 1080). Which should be really nice to see especially during the review. For the processor, nothing fancy, since it is the MT6750T 1.5Ghz. Indeed the cloning of the Galaxy Note 8 will be only for the aesthetic side of the model and the price, unless Meigoo decides to practice the same tariff.

level memory, we are on a low and correct standard, 64Gb for the Rom and 4Gb for the Ram. Nothing shameful, especially with Android 7.0 that equips the clone.  The picture too should be drinkable. Because, our Note 8 is equipped with a dual 13.0Mp + 5.0Mp dorsal sensor and a 5.0Mp camera for the front.

Good note for his drawer Sim, the machine offers to ship a Nano or a Micro Sim and / or a Micro SD card of 256Gb max.  Still a good point for him, it will arrive on the market with a connector Jack 3.5mm (a connector that will eventually miss me).

Autonomy will have a big difficulty to please. The brand has chosen a battery of only 3000mAh in Li-Po. Which will be rechargeable by USB Type-C placed under the smartphone.

Not revolutionary, but since we do not know its price yet, it’s not going to be easy to judge and, the two colors are really limited. We have a sky blue (very ugly) or, a full black that will be out of stock the first day. The dimensions of MEIIGOO NOTE 8 is 15.93 x 7.58 x 0.83 cm for a weight of 188 g. The same basis as the competition for an 18: 9.

Buy MEIIGOO NOTE 8 at for $159.99


  1. I think the Note 8 is a great phone and one of the best Android devices on the market. Completely agree with the article and thanks for posting. Do you have a social media I can follow?


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