MGCOOL Explorer 3 action camera with 4K @30fps

The MGCOOL Explorer 3 is a great GoPro opportunity as it offers a wide range of possibilities. The fee aspect can be a big advantage in Explorer 3 compared to GoPro. The camera can be available under $100 with a rich set of capabilities. Furthermore, the approaching Explorer 3 is not delivered most effectively with the help of EIS, but additionally with Gyroscope. This enables you to take shaky photos even in intense conditions. The focus is on the ability to take snapshots up to 14MP or 16MP, which is higher than competing cameras.

The official appeal of the MGCOOL Explorer 3 is that the Action Camera supports the local 4K decision. You may be able to capture pure local 4K movies at 30fps, FHD and HD movies at 60fps and 120fps, respectively.

The MGCOOL Explorer 3 comes with the advanced, low-power iCatch V50 processor, which lets you capture stunning photos and movies at high performance. The camera also provides instructions for H.264plus, which offers 100% double-compression ratio photo quality. On the front of the specifications, the MGCOOL Explorer 3 capabilities include a 2-inch touch screen, Panasonic 34112 photo sensor coupled with a 7-glass sharp lens and 1100mAh battery. The benefit of the seven-glass lens is that it increases the mild image and filters out the spread of scattering milder. For this reason, it is largely possible to capture clean images even in low mild conditions. The digicam is also waterproof up to 30m.

MGCOOL Explorer 3 comes with superior features that are not available with other reasonably priced motion cameras. You do not necessarily have to spend a large amount of money to buy the camera. is totally based on the resumes digicam is to be had under $100 over the course of the pre-sale provide.


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